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You Behind The Illness (Tag)

I’ve spoken in the past about my chronic illness, touching on how it has changed my life for almost a decade (Has it really been that long?)  Although sometimes I don’t feel like myself anymore, deep down I am still the same person I was back then. Yes there may be homes when I feel defeated, and seem close to giving up on my hopes and dreams. Those dreams however are still there lingering in the background.  When Natalie of Surviving Lifes Hurdles tagged me in the You Behind The Illness tag, I was excited to take part in the challenge and let people know the, me that’s been hiding behind my illness for so long.  Be sure to check out Natalie’s post here

Four Places I’ve Lived

1). I haven’t lived in many places. I guess the most exciting would be Germany when I was a baby. My father was in the army and was stationed there during the early 80s I personally don’t remember it but I think my mum liked living there. Sadly my parents split up, which meant me and mum moved back to Scotland.

2). When we got back to Scotland we moved in with my grandparents for a while in my mums hometown of Kilsyth. Eventually we got our own flat which was fab. There was a little hidden room off the kitchen that was a playroom for me. Sadly money was tight and we had to move back into my with my grandparents. My aunt and cousin also lived there so there was no shortage of company or someone to play with.

3). When I was ten mum and I moved to Falkirk to live with my now Pops (step dad). There have been a few bumps along the road and a few house moves within the same town but I guess I would call Falkirk my home.

4). The fourth and final place I would say I’ve lived is in my own little world, otherwise known as my head. It sounds a bit crazy but I’m sure that we’ve all had that little imaginary scenario in our heads of living somewhere else. Sometimes my own world is calm and peaceful and other times it feel like a war zone is going on.

Four Places I’ve Worked

1).  My first proper job was when I was at uni. I worked in a bakery counter in a supermarket. It wasn’t a glamorous job, the uniform was so unflattering, it made trying to flirt with the hottie in the freezer department a none starter.

2).  After leaving the bakery, I went to work in a Cinema which at the time was my dream job. I met some really nice people and some not so nice. I have got a few life long friends from working there and some really fab memories.

3).  Once I finished Uni, I took my well-earned degree to go work in a blooming call centre.  A dream come true.  As you can imagine, that wasn’t the best or greatest job, but if you believe in fate then it was meant to be as that is where I met my husband, so if I hadn’t gone to work in the soul-destroying job I wouldn’t have David or Alex

4).  The last job I had before becoming ill was working for the NHS, I worked in a few different offices. Some of them were a great fit and some of them weren’t.

Four Favourite Hobbies

1).  I really love blogging, there are so many ideas that I have for posts that I need to figure out how to get out of my jumbled brain.

2).  I have a little obsessiveness with organizing.  I’ve recently found an Instagram account called This Girl Can Organise.  Who has given me so many ideas on how to get my home decluttered a bit.

3). At school I did some calligraphy which I’ve recently taken up again. At the moment I’m not that good at it but I’m sure after a lot of practice I’ll get better.

4). Collecting stationary. To some this might not be a happy but too me it is as well as a bit of an obsession. Anywhere I go that sells notebooks I have to have a look through them. Trying to stop myself from buying lots is difficult. I have far too many unused notebooks yet I continue to look and sometimes buy more.

Four Things I Like To Watch

1). One of the best things to watch is Alex. . He is so content playing in his room by himself. Watching his character and personality develop is truly the greatest thing imaginable.

2). Like many people I have a Netflix subscription which is fab for watching new and old shows and films. I’ve just finished watching Altered Carbon which I really enjoyed watching so much so I’m going to read the book it’s based on.

3). Anything sci-fi. Ok anything is a bit of a push. But sci-fi is one of my favourite genres to watch. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched Doctor Who, Battlestar Galatica and Buffy.

4). I love watching stand up comedians, Russell Howard is my favourite comedian, I’d love to go see one of his shows. I also enjoy watching Mock The Week, 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Anything that is going to make me laugh I’ll try.

Four Things I Like To Read

1). I like reading blogs. I’ll read anything from fashion and beauty to parenting and lifestyle as well as poets from disabled and chronically ill bloggers. Blog are good for reading because they aren’t too long and help me see insights into other people’s lives.

2). The Harry Potter books are amongst my favourite books. I’ve read the entire series several times, as well as watching the movies and listening to the audio books.

3). I have a bit of a love for dystopian fiction. I loved reading The Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Divergent trilogies. I guess technically those would also be classed as teen fiction or sci-fi. If anyone has any recommendations for other books in this genre, please let me know.

4). I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I do love a good celebrity gossip site. I used to love getting Heat magazine and read all the juicy (some times fake) details of my favourite celebs. Although I no longer buy that or any other magazines I still like the occasional look online to find out all the gory details.

Four Places I’ve Been

1). I’ve been to Dublin a couple of times, once for a friends 21st and the second was for a hen night. The city is so full of culture and history, I would love to go back again. The nightlife was fab and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

2). David and I had our first and only foreign holiday to Dominican Republic. It was beautiful. We were a bit pants at sunbathing and adventuring but we both loved it. We got engaged there. Someday I would like to go back but I’m not sure whether that will ever happen now.

3). There’s nothing better than finding amazing places to visit on your doorstep. That is one of the best things about living in Scotland, there are so many beautiful places to go. One of my favourite is the Isle of Skye. We’ve been there twice now. I would happily move there. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful but it would be too far from my parents.

4). When I worked in the cinema myself and 2 friends went on a girlie holiday to Majorca. It was eventful. My suitcase got lost, there was a little too much booze and I busted my knee but it was the best holiday ever as I was with my 2 best friends.

Four Things I Love To Eat

1). I love pizza, i would happily eat it everyday, as long as it was different topping and not the same one over and over again.

2). When I was a student I would eat a lot of pasta because it was fairly quick and cheap. To this day I still love it. Although we normally only have it with meatballs or mince, we need to up or pasta game a bit.

3). If I’m feeling really fancy I love Beef Wellington. We don’t have the opportunity to have it that often as David isn’t a big fan of it and I suspect Alex wouldn’t be either. But I can dream.

4). Deep down I know I should eat crisps as they aren’t particularly healthy but I do love the odd packet of crisps. McCoys Salt and Malt Vinegar are my all time favourites.

Four Favourite Things To Drink

1). I’m a right little tea Jenny through and through. Give me a cup or tea and a biscuit and I’m happy.

2). Although they’re only available for a short time every year. I love Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. They are so delicious and warming. I really just find an at home recipe so I can have them all year round.

3). I’m not a big drinker these days. I do on the odd occasion like a cocktail or 2. My favourites being French martini, pina colada and a mai tai.


Four Places I Want To Visit

1). We’ve all got that list of places we’d love to visit. At the top of mine is New York City. It looks so magical and full of culture.

2). Who doesn’t love the idea of going to a tropical paradise. Mine is the Maldives, to one of those villas that look like they’re floating in the sea.

3). I’m a big kid at heart and would love to take Alex to Disney Land preferably to Florida but Paris would do. Maybe one day we will get there

4). I’ve seen lots of picture from when my mum went and in movies, but I would like to visit Prague one day.

Four Bloggers, I’d Like To Tag

1). Leah

2). Alice

3). Sarah

4). Anyone else who wants to take part.


  • Natalie | Surviving life's hurdles

    I’m so glad you did this tag and I loved reading your answers. I love Scotland too, you have so many amazing places on your doorstep. The Isle of Skye is beautiful, especially if you land on some good weather! 🙂

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