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Why Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Is Important.

Today 12th May marks Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, a date that has been used for several years to help raise awareness to the condition that an estimated 800.000 people in the UK live with. It’s important that we talk, post and share about fibromyalgia as we need more and more people to know about this condition. A condition that some medical practitioners don’t believe in. A condition that can cause excruciating pain and debilitating fatigue. A condition that so many people battle against daily. It may not be life threatening but it is still a battle so many suffer alone and sometimes in silence because it is completely invisible and society seems to ignore anything that doesn’t have a flashing neon screen with any of the almost hundreds of symptoms that person can be experiencing at one time.

Grey background with purple awareness heart in the centre with fibromyalgia awareness on the left of the ribbon, 12th May on the right. There is also a small purple and black butterfly below the ribbon

I am a fibro warrior and this is me asking anyone who reads this post to do as much or as little as they can to get fibromyalgia awareness on the mind of as many people. We need to people to know that each person who has fibro is different, what might help ease the symptoms of one person might not work on another.

I’ve linked a few posts down below that might help you or anyone you might know learn a little more about fibromyalgia and what it is like to live wifh this horrible illness.

What you can do for fibromyalgia awareness day

Chronic Illness – My Story

Spoon Theory

List Of Symptoms

Thank you so much for reading and please comment, like and share this post to raise awareness

N x

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  1. Thanks for posting about this lovely. I didn’t even know it was awareness day until I saw your post on Instagram. xx

    1. Thanks for reading babes. X x

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