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Well, That’s A Relief

I won’t need eye surgery after all. Ok I may have skipped over a few parts and went straight to the happy ending. Let me rewind and tell you what’s been happening.

Let me backtrack a bit

My last post ended with me waiting to see my consultant to see what the plan to fix the cloudy vision in my left eye. Waiting for the appointment felt like an eternity. In reality it was about 5 weeks, but that was 5 weeks of worry, agitation and the possibility of surgery never far from my thoughts.

Randomly 2 weeks before the appointment the cloudy vision vanished as quickly as it appeared. The swinging cloud that I had been seeing was there one minute. Replaced with what I can only describe as the biggest eye floater I have ever seen. It looked like a huge clump of cells were out for a leisurely swim in my eye.

I was in two minds whether to cancel the appointment The cloudiness had gone and I didn’t want to waste their time or take an appointment that someone else might have needed more urgently. Ultimately though, I decided I should still get my eye checked in case there was something more sinister going on.

What actually happened

At the appointment both my eyes were checked thoroughly. After a while i was told that there is no sign of whatever was causing the cloudy vision. They believe that what was there was some left over tissue from my cataract surgery, however the couldn’t fully confirm or deny it.

They described that whatever was there was like a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Which was swinging back and forward, as well as rotating slightly. This is because of my eyes involuntary movement or nystagmus. Which is why the cloudy spots moved rather than stay still. The floater they think was caused by the chandelier thing falling off because of the constant movement.

And now this takes us back to the relief I felt after the appointment. You have no idea how pleased I am to not need surgery! They said that they don’t need to see me again until my next routine appointment in 6 to 9 months.

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