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Wearing Glasses Isn’t A Bad Thing, Optical Express!!

As someone who has worn glasses from a very young age and grew up feeling different or teased for having to wear glasses all the time. I am really annoyed and upset with the current Optical Express advert for corrective eye surgery. The advert basically makes out that wearing glasses is a bad thing without actually saying it. I’m here to tell Optical Express and the world that they are wrong, wearing glasses isn’t wrong, in fact it is awesome.

In case you haven’t seen the advert it features several people talking about how wearing glasses makes them feel unattractive, old, tired, restricted ultimately feelings of low confidence. Supposedly the surgery made the people confident, sophisticated and attractive. I do understand that some people really dislike wearing glasses and that is fine and their prerogative but advertising like this is in my opinion wrong.

I thought that I might be a little over sensitive because of my issues growing up being teased etc, taking to twitter I created a poll asking my followers if they too were annoyed by the advert, hadn’t thought about it or whether I was overreacting. Although only 9 of my followers voted, the results show that 44% found the advert annoying.

My biggest problem with this advert is what is it teaching or telling young children who have to wear glasses or people like myself who aren’t eligible for corrective eye surgery, that because of their glasses they are unattractive and that is a load of bull. Glasses doesn’t make you less attractive than non glasses wearers.

As a child I hated wearing my glasses I was teased at school, I would throw my glasses down the toilet and the amount of times i would lose my glasses whilst out playing was ridiculous I didn’t like wearing them and would put them in my pocket, ultimately losing them. When I was in my twenties I would go out with friends without my glasses, as at that point I did feel unattractive because of my glasses, I wasn’t able to see very well but thought that men would fancy me (boy was I wrong) I was putting more strain on my already poor vision. If adverts like this were about when I was a kid, it would have devastated me and knocked my already dwindling confidence.

Me when I preferred not to wear my glasses

In the last ten years or so after having a few problems with glaucoma and cataracts I have become less stubborn about wearing my glasses and don’t feel that they detract from my looks. In fact I feel that glasses are a part of who am I I’m nicola and I wear glasses, people know me as a glasses wearer and know that I look different without them. Is it a ugly different? No it’s just different. My glasses don’t make me look tired, I look tired because I am tired from living with a chronic illness, whilst raising a son. Wearing glasses hasn’t restricted me from being able to do anything. It’s my poor vision, that has stopped me from being able to drive, sit at the back of a class room or read small print. Would I prefer not to wear glasses? Of course I would but my eyesight is so bad that there is no corrective surgery available to me. I’m dealing with the cards I’ve been dealt with.

Me now. Embracing my specs appeal 🤓😀

Sadly this isn’t the first advert regarding corrective eye surgery that I’ve found inappropriate. There was another one where there was a line that said “it’s like seeing in HD” em I’m pretty sure wearing corrective lenses does that.

Glasses are iconic and cool. They are a part of the wearers personality. Of course some people wear them because they need to and others use them as a fashion accessory either way, glasses are sexy and anyone tells you otherwise then tell them to get lost.

I feel that as an organisation who also supply and sell glasses Optical Express need to consider the wording of their advertisements, and keep in mind that not every spectacle wearer can have surgery to correct their vision or want to stop wearing glasses.

Have you seen the Optical Express advert? Does it bother you or are you not bothered about it at all?

I would love to here your opinions.

Thanks for the support and stopping by

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  1. I haven’t seen the advert yet, but it sounds awful and wrong! I think glasses are great, and kids shouldn’t have to see this kind of thing in the media. Xx

    1. Thanks Annie. It really is bad advertising. I think if it was alternative wording it may have been ok. They need to sack whoever came up with that idea. Xx

      1. I definitely agree with you there! Xx

  2. I haven’t seen it, nor do i wear glasses but i agree with what you are saying for you, it seems that it is giving the younger generation a bad view of wearing glasses and in effect making themselves less profitable too! !

    1. Thanks for reading. I have a niece who has to wear glasses and this is advert is teaching her and other kids to feel bad about their glasses x

      1. Absolutely. Not good at all! Why don’t you contact them direct? Via twitter??

        1. That’s a good idea, but don’t think it would do any good. Although there is no harm in trying 😀 x

          1. You never know! make enough noise and they will do something about it! Especially if you do it publicly!

  3. I don’t wear glasses much but I agree with you and thought exactly the same about the ad. My sister wears glasses and it’s a big part of who she is. You look so pretty with your glasses on, don’t let the ad knock you xx

    1. Awww thanks kate. It has taken me a long time but I accept that they are a part of me. There are so many styles and colours to choose from now which is awesome 😀 x

      1. They definitely suit you xx

  4. I haven’t seen the advert, but i love your glasses!

    I absolutely love wearing my glasses, I feel so powerful in them.


    1. Thank you so much. They are empowering and cool af 😀🤓 xx

  5. lolitambonita says:

    I haven’t seen the ad but I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of wearing glasses! x
    Lola Mia //

  6. I haven’t seen the advert myself but I can see how it could knock people’s confidence. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old and I believed they made me looked sophisticated and grown up. I loved taking them out of my case and putting them on in the lesson. I felt special. However, that changed when my optician told me I would need to wear them every waking second. I no longer enjoyed wearing them because I had to! Plus, when I wanted to go out with my friends and spend lots of time on my eye-make up, I did not want to cover it up with my glasses so I purchased contact lenses for those occasions. I hope to, one day, afford laser eye surgery.

    I have, often been complimented on my glasses and I do not feel self conscious wearing them in my every day life because I picked out a pair that compliments my face shape and looks quite stylish! No one should feel pressured to get expensive treatment. This is just a choice I made myself.

    Meg x

    1. Thanks for reading honey. I think we the choice is taken from you and your told you have to it does make it less appealing. I’m hope you can one day get the laser treatment. I’ve never tried contacts. I don’t think I would be able to get them as my prescription is really strong so much so that people in my previous opticians would gasp when they read it. X

  7. i wear glasses and i have a love hate relationship with them, love the post


    1. Awww thank you so much. I still have a love hate relationship with mine. I hate that they get so dirty from my eye lashes but love that I can see clearer with them. X

  8. I’ve not actually noticed this advert before, but what a bad angle to go for.

    Shona Marie xo

    1. I know. It’s set out in a way that it’s meant to be customers saying how they felt before surgery but you would think that the advertising department would discourage the use of words like unattractive etc. X

  9. rosa1eeen says:

    I totally understand what you’re saying and yeah i do think they need to be more mindful about their adverts. I myself was teased in school for wearing glasses, i had a multicoloured pair that i thought were cool until the kids picked on me These days i still go for the crazy ones, no f’s given haha!
    Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. Oh god old nhs glasses were the worst and caused so much teasing especially as my lenses were so thick. It was dark times but no I don’t care. They improve my vision only slightly but that means I get to see my little boy and family and all the beautiful things in the world slightly more clearer. X .

  10. Well and I was thinking about getting the free army eye surgery! Never mind 😉

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