Blom Card Monday’s, Mental Illness

Time Out – Blöm Cards Monday’s

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Blöm Cards Monday’s post. Today I’ll be talking about the Time Out card.  If you missed my previous post you can catch it here.

Our culture is constantly switched on. Take time away today, be it for five minutes or an hour. Do something you’ll benefit from, run, meditate, stretch or journal. Sometimes intentional rest is what we need not distraction.


If like me you are constantly on the go, running after your kids, working or planning your next adventure. Or using one of the many pieces of technology that is available in today’s society, you feel like your brain is on overdrive most of the day.  Then when it comes to trying to relax or get some sleep, your brain just won’t quit. It goes over every single minute of the day, questioning whether you did each activity/job correctly or what you could have done better.

With the advice that this weeks card has given me I decided that I am going to attempt to set aside 30 minutes a day to step off social media and my phone. I’ve downloaded a few podcasts to help with guided meditation in the hopes that it will help calm my mind and help me get to sleep a lot easier than the 2 hour tossing and turning that seems to go on at the moment.

I’ve been wanting to try yoga to see if that will help me both mentally and physically. If anyone has any recommendations for a good video on yoga for beginners I’d love for you to let me know in the comments.

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