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The First Library Visit For Our Little Book Worm In The Making

Last week David and I took Alex to the local library to get him his very first library card. (I wish I had taken photos of him inside the library). He seemed to really enjoy the time there, looking at the books with David & I, as well as playing on the seats and generally wandering around. He even sat next to a little boy for a few minutes which was very cute.

Image of library card on the left which is black with a blue bear with the words my first library card. There is also another card to the right of that with a bug on it and the words bookbugs library challenge.

The book that we choose to borrow is There’s A Monster In Your Book by Tom Fletcher with illustrations by Gregg Abbott. As the first book to borrow this was a perfect choice. The cover is eye-catching with the cutest little monster I’ve seen. The story is just as cute with the right amount of funny for keeping little ones entertained.

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As we were leaving the library Alex was so happy with his choice that he wanted to carry the book back to the car.  As we were driving off he was flicking through the pages of the book which was so cute.

As well as the book and his shiny new library card we left with a Bookbugs Library Challenge Card (pictured above). where every time Alex borrows a book he will get that card stamped, once he has collected 6 stamps he gets a certificate, then moves onto the second card which will then allow him to collect another certificate once all the stamps are collected.  I think this is a great idea to encourage kids to get into reading.

What books do you recommend we borrow next?

N x


  • TheCraftyInsomniac

    There are some great books out there for children, NoBot is a fab one about a little robot who loses his bottom in different places. Also the little owl who was afraid of the dark is a lovely story too. Hope he enjoys his card, he’s gorgeous by the way xx

  • kickstart123

    wow!! I am recollecting my memories by reading your article. my flashback 🙂 .I would recommend ” The tiger who came to tea”. My all time favorite is “The gruaffalo”. try to visit there once in week, it will develop good habit of reading.

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