You Behind The Illness (Tag)

I’ve spoken in the past about my chronic illness, touching on how it has changed my life for almost a decade (Has it really been that long?)  Although sometimes I don’t feel like myself anymore, deep down I am still the same person I was back then. Yes there may be homes when I feel defeated, and seem close to giving up on my hopes and dreams. Those dreams however are still there lingering in the background.  When Natalie of Surviving Lifes Hurdles tagged me in the You Behind The Illness tag, I was excited to take part in the challenge and let people know the, me that’s been hiding behind my illness for so long.  Be sure to check out Natalie’s […]

Would You Rather – Christmas Edition.

I was tagged by Alice of According To Alice to take part in the Would You Rather Christmas Edition. Eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese? Hands down cauliflower cheese every-time. Brussels sprouts are the work of the devil! Have twinkling lights or still lights? The lights we have on our tree can be twinkling or still. Normally ours are set to still but I do like both. Eat gingerbread or Ferrero Rocher? Oh has to be Ferrero Rocher. They are so delicious as a little indulgent. Open your Christmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members? Open with immediate family. Alex, David and I will open our presents on Christmas morning then my parents come […]