Lapland Mailroom – Personalised Letter From Santa

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Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but I’m in need of a little extra Christmas cheer. What better way to bring that needed cheer than getting a personalised letter from Santa from Lapland Mailroom. Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post. I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an … Read more Lapland Mailroom – Personalised Letter From Santa

Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Wonderbly (AD)

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 21st June, and with parts of the UK only now beginning to emerge from lockdown. We are limited to where we can shop for the perfect Father’s Day gifts. That’s where Wonderbly comes in. They offer a range of books in 12 different languages that can be personalised … Read more Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Wonderbly (AD)

Printsfield Personalised Socks (Product Review)

As lockdown is set to continue in Scotland. Meaning even more time away from family and friends. A great way reach out to your loved ones is to send them cards, letters or maybe even gifts. Today I am reviewing a personalised pair of socks from Printsfield. Who Or What Is Printsfield? Printsfield was founded … Read more Printsfield Personalised Socks (Product Review)

Hill’s Science Plan – Dog Food – Product Review

Dogs like any pets become much–loved members of the family. They are an important part of our world. We want to ensure that they are cared for, are happy and healthy. Choosing the right brand of dog food is a great start to get our furry friends on the right track. Recently we were given … Read more Hill’s Science Plan – Dog Food – Product Review

Hemp Patch Review

Chronic pain caused by conditions such as Fibromyalgia very rarely reacts to pain medication. I know from my own experience and from talking to others who suffer from chronic pain, they don’t feel any relief from over the counter or prescribed painkillers. I’ve been looking into alternative methods that might help with some relief or … Read more Hemp Patch Review