Hello December – Holidays & Blogmas Are Coming

Is it really December already? It seems that the older I’m getting the quicker the months seem to pass.  It honestly feels like 2017 only started not that long ago.  But here we are, Christmas is around the corner.  The present buying is in full swing, with the stress of getting the perfect gift for loved ones is snapping at my heels.  The excitement of all the Christmas food, music, decor and spending time with family is growing daily.  This month I am going to relax a little with the goals I’m setting myself and simply enjoy the time of year, watch begin to understand that something is happening and that he will be getting presents, hear him say Santa […]

Hello November – Its Our Birthday Month

Hello November, Its that time of month again, no not THAT time!  its a brand new month which means brand new goals and plans.  A clean slate that lets anything seem possible. Plus it’s mine and Alex’s birthday month and I’m excited for what this month will bring. How I Did Last Month Octobers goals were a little more adventurous for me, normally I only set one or two goals but I’m trying to better myself buy pushing myself to do more which might be out of my comfort zone. In terms of last months goals, I didn’t complete them all but I did manage to at least make a start to clearing out mine and Alex’s clothes and sorting […]

Hello October

Last Months Goals In my Hello September Post I wrote about the goals I had set myself for the month. I hope to drink more water, go to the gym more as well as organising housework and blogging so that I am writing in advance rather waiting to the last minute. I wasn’t as successful in my goals as I hoped. I did tidy and organise my desk for writing and began to plan posts but actually spending time to write said posts was wasted on playing games on my tablet or watching rubbish tv……….I am a bad blogger. With it being a new month though I’m not going to beat myself up too much about my lack of achieving […]