Autumn Styling For Chronic Illness – Blogtober 2018 – Day 19

Hello and welcome to day 19 of Blogtober. Today I’m going to share some tips I’ve found helpful when putting together outfits that are functional tional and comfortable for my life as a fibromyalgia warrior or spoonie. Many spoonies can be sensitive to heat. Many illnesses may affect the bodies ability to regulate heat which means we can be freezing cold one minute and burning up next. It can happen so suddenly and without warning that we feel we need to take off our clothes or put on the thickest jumper lined with hot water bottles. Not knowing how our bodies are going to react to an environment means that we need to be prepared for all instances. Layering Is […]

Wardrobe Wishlist – Blogtober 2018 – Day 17

Hello and welcome to day 17 of blogtober.  The finish line is in sight.  Today’s prompt is wardrobe wishlist.  If you are anything like me you’ll have clothes in the basket of multiple shops, waiting till you divide to buy them or debating whether you can afford them or whether they will suit you.  Here is what I’ve currently got on my wardrobe wishlist.  Simply Be This tartan dress by Violeta for Mango looks gorgeous.  Check/tartan design that I love and never seems to go out of style.  It would look great with thick tights and and chunky boots.  The contrasting removable belt makes that little bit more edgier.   Cord seems to be a love or hate material.  At […]

Toddler Fashion Ideas – Blogtober 2018 – Day 11

When it comes to Alex’s clothes I don’t mind making sure he looks more put together than I do.  I’m not sure if that’s my chronic illnesses’ fault or just motherhood. Today for day 11 of blogtober I am sharing some toddler fashion ideas.  These are all items I have in my currently in my basket ready to purchase. I’m waiting until closer to his birthday to buy some of them. Next I like the range of clothes that Next offers.  They are good quality and are responsibly priced.  This black stripe hoody is perfect for Alex, I love the colour and pocket detail.  It’s a good item to have in his wardrobe as it can be used under a […]

Debenhams Do Plus Size!!

As someone who is plus size I know all to well how hard it has been to find clothes that are stylish and don’t make me look frumpy. In the last few years it feels like the plus size fashion industry has come a long way.  No longer are plus size babes limited to two or maybe three places where we can buy clothes. The clothes that are on offer to us now are more stylish and on trend. We still aren’t fully covered when it comes to sizing and ease of access on the High Street, but we are heading in the right direction.   One store that I was surprised to learn had a plus size range, is […]

12 Days Of Blogmas – Day 7 – Winter Accessorise

When it comes to winter there is nothing better than being indoors all nice and cosy but IF you do have to venture outside the next best thing to stay cosy and warm is to have some fabulous winter accessories. I am a bit of a self confessed scarf addict but most of mine are thin and not the warmest. So I am going to share a few winter accessories that I do have as well as some they I am lusting over online. Hats I like the idea of wearing hats in the winter but for me they’re not always practical, Mum buns and hats don’t mix well. If do decide to wear one I’ll choose either my Finnister […]