Visual Impairment, My Story

In the past, I’ve spoken openly about living with chronic illness, but have only mentioned briefly about my visual impairment, today I’m going to talk about what it was like growing up with a visual impairment, my diagnosis and how it affects my life today. Before I start, I would like to take a minute to talk about what Visual impairment means. Visual Impairment is a term used to describe any kind of vision loss.

Shining The Spotlight On Chronic Illness & Disabilities Q&A with Iris

Hello and welcome back to Shining The Spotlight series. A series where I’ve been showcasing posts from others who have chronic illness and disabilities to attempt in raising awareness of our varying illnesses and disabilities. Today’s post features Iris from The Dreaming Panda. Before I had you over to Iris. I want to take some time to thank each and every participant who has taken part in Shining The Spotlight, and to everyone who has

Shining The Spotlight On Chronic Illness & Disabilities Q&A With Sheryl

Hello and welcome back to another Shining The Spotlight on Chronic Illness & Disability post. I am so thankful for each and every one of the participants who have shared their chronic illness and disability journey with me and my readers. Today’s post features Sheryl of A Chronic Voice. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you? Hello, my name is Sheryl and I come from Singapore. I blog over at, covering topics

A Light In The Darkness – Lisa Sniderman – Book Review

For me reading isn’t that big a deal I’m not one to be found with my nose constantly in a book. When I do read I will tend to go for something that’s easy going and is normally non-fiction. I was recently given the opportunity to read and review a book about one person’s journey with chronic illness & disability. I jumped at the chance to read and review the book which is called A

Shining The Spotlight On Chronic Illness & Disabilities Q&A With Lynley

Hello and welcome back to Today I am sharing Lynley if Top Lady Talks Q&A for The Shining The Spotlight Series. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about you?  Hi! My name is Lynley Gregory and I’m a 51 year old retired teacher. Chronic illness(es)/disabilities I have? I became disabled 4 years ago following a spontaneous Sacral spinal fracture and subsequent nerve damage. This left me with chronic pain and weakness in my

Walking Theatre At Falkirk Tunnel (My Experience)

Walking theatre productions is something I hadn’t heard of before attending one in my hometown of Falkirk. I had no idea what to expect from the experience. Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts and feelings of the Falkirk Tunnel Walking Theatre Production. Before we headed off on the walk, I was a little apprehensive as it was a walking theatre production and there are times where walking can be difficult for me due