Starting Over 

Stock Photo from Favimages edited by me.

In my previous blogging life I could be found at, which in the 7 years I had the account there was a few reincarnations both in name and design.  But it wasn’t working for me anymore. I felt that I was walking a baron wasteland struggling with my writing identity. I was trying to emulate the bloggers that I loved and wanted to be part of their communities but I don’t have the time, talent or bank balance to be posting what they posted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

So what’s different over here???? Honestly? I don’t really know, but what I’m hoping for it to post what and when I feel like sharing.  On my previous blog I was afraid to post what I was really thinking & feeling because I was scared that people wouldn’t like it therefore not like me, but the whole point in me starting a blog was to have a space that was mine!  A place where I could be me and if that means rambling on about things like parenting, my illnesses & disability, some tv show or movie I watched then so be it.

Unlike my old blog I’m not going to put pressure on myself to ‘publish’ on specific days and times thats just not feasible with a little one to run around after.

There was a few features that I had started to write about which I might rebrand and revamp at some point.

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