Size Doesn’t Really Matter, Happiness Does

I was watching a video on YouTube of Harriet from Toby&Roo talking about her 2018 Goals and she said that although it’s not something she is focusing on or really wanted to talk about she mentioned that she would like to lose some weight. She went on to say that it wasn’t because she was unhappy with the size of clothing she wore, but she did say that she had put weight on in the last year which had knocked her confidence a bit and that was what she wanted to get back. Harriet said that if she felt confident being a size 20 then she would be happy with that size. The way she said this got me to thinking about size and how it doesn’t really matter what size you are as long as your confident with your body.

If your a size 10 or a size 32 and feel happy with your body and are confident in your own skin that is what matters. You own that confidence and rock it, like only you can. Ignore the people who judge you for being too fat or too skinny. Be you that’s all that matters.

As someone who is plus size and is only starting to feel that’s ok that I’m not a size 14, I have a daily battle going on to love the skin I’m in and that is ok. Feeling confident takes time. Learning to love a body I’ve disliked for the majority of my life isn’t going to happen overnight but I’m working on it. I’m not going to lie I do feel pressure like the rest of us from society, that I should be thinner, that I should be healthier, that I should eat more veg and have kale juices. Could I be doing with maybe loosing those extra pounds I put on indulging at Christmas? Probably, but it’s not going to make me go on a juice cleanse or buy all the fitness DVDs every Tom, Dick and Davina bring out (sorry davina I love you really).

My dress size doesn’t detract from my ability as a mother, a wife, a daughter or as a human being. It shouldn’t bother other people what size my jeans are. Those people need to be more concerned with their lives and worry less about how my eating habits or size affects them. Cause I’ll let you into a secret, it doesn’t!!!!

I’m not the first person to say these things and it’s not a wow eureka moment. It’s just me being inspired by someone and thanking them for saying it and not focusing on an amount of weight to lose or a size she wants to be. It’s someone saying that she wants to feel confident in her skin again and when she gets to that confidence then she’ll be happy.

Isn’t happiness the thing we should all strive for. If for your happiness is found eating kale salads and being at the gym 24/7 then, that babes is your prerogative. If your happiness is rocking your lady voluptuous Ursula swing dress that too is up to you.

Thanks again Harriet for inspiring me.

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