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Rogue One – A Star Wars Story 


Finally after waiting months for the blu-ray release of Rogue One A Star Wars Story it was released on 10th April and arrived on my doorstep very promptly that day.  I settled down with popcorn in hand to watch it for the first time last night.

If you’ve seen A New Hope you’ll know that the rebel alliance have the plans of the Death Star meaning they have a way to destroy it. Well Rogue One is all about how they get those plans

Its probably best to start by saying that Rogue One isn’t like any Star Wars movie thats been before.  Unlike the original movies, prequels and The Force Awakens that center around the protagonists’ being Jedi or fighting against the empire/first order.  The main protagonist Jyn isn’t a Jedi or part of the alliance. After witnessing her mothers death, and her father being recruited to help build the Death Star. she’s forced to go on the run and into hiding, turning to a life of crime.  She is reluctantly recruited by the rebels to retrieve the plans of the Death Star, it isn’t until she find out that her father is still alive and has created a way for the Death Star to be destroyed that she is willing to go along on the mission.

Moving through the narrative, it occurs to me that this is more like a war movie, similar to The Guns of Navarro or The Dirty Dozen where a small group of people are sent to carry out a secret mission with small odds for success. We all know from the original saga that the rebels have the plans and destroy the Death Star   But completing the mission costs them greatly. It wasn’t until near the very end of the movie that I realised that it was a suicide mission and that Jyn and her counterparts were all going to die. Which did make me sad, I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear or two.


Cinematically the movie was incredible the use of CGI to incorporate Princess Leia and Tarkin was a nice touch. The final battle on and around Planet Scarif was pretty epic and what you’d expect from a Star Wars movie, but for me that was the best bit. The storyline was lacking something. I’m not sure what exactly. Maybe it’s because I didn’t feel a connection to Jyn or that I felt that there was too much information crammed in at the beginning to set up the story line.


Don’t get me wrong it’s a decent well made movie, that I’d maybe watch again but it’s just not my cup of tea.

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of it? Let’s talk in the comments.

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