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Rainy Day Activities – Blogtober 2018 Day 3

Rainy autumn days and Scotland seem to go hand in hand. Trying to find activities that can keep a toddler occupied whilst mummy doesn’t loose her mind is something that I’ve had to really think about this year. Alex is of the age where he needs something to do. For day 3 of Blogtober I’ve compiled with a little help from Pinterest some rainy day activities we will be doing this autumn season.

Have a Dance Party

Put on some of tunes and dance like no one is watching.  Alex loves when mummy dances about.  I think he secretly finds my dancing hilarious but it keeps us both entertained and gives me a little exercise. 

Play Games or Play With Toys

Playing games is always a great way to pass time when you are stuck inside the house.  Alex doesn’t show interest in playing traditional board games.  We make up little games with his 

Playing with Duplo


With Halloween and Christmas coming up, I’m going to encourage Alex to make handmade Christmas cards for his grandparents.  It will probably be messy but it will be great fun for both of us.  

Hide and seek

Whats not fun about playing hide and seek?  It would be better if we had a larger home but Alex and I can still find ingenious places to hide in such a small flat.  

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is an idea that I got from Pinterest.  Its such a good way to keep little ones occupied.  I’m going to draw a rough map of the flat and hide things in certain rooms.  I’ll make clues up that Alex will understand and let him hunt.  I think this could be so much fun.  

Build A Den

Building a den is always fun.  We can both hide inside and play with Alex’s lego or get pillows and cushions to make it all cosy for story time of for watching some of our favourite shows together.  

Our attempt at a den 


Baking is something that I haven’t done in a long time and haven’t done with Alex.  I want to pick easy recipes that we can both do like cookies or cupcakes.  Of course the best part of baking is cleaning the bowl afterwards.  

Movie Day

Movie days have always been a firm favourite of mine when I’m stuck indoors.  

What do you do when the days are so miserable and horrible and can stay in the house? 

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