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Printsfield Personalised Socks (Product Review)

As lockdown is set to continue in Scotland. Meaning even more time away from family and friends. A great way reach out to your loved ones is to send them cards, letters or maybe even gifts. Today I am reviewing a personalised pair of socks from Printsfield.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post – I was sent this product in return for an honest and fair review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

Who Or What Is Printsfield?

Printsfield was founded by friends Jakub and Mykhalio. Their aim is to offer personalised accessories featuring images of your loved ones, whether that being a family member or a much loved pet.

Printsfield is all about happiness, bright colours, surprise and help. Choose your favourite bright-coloured designs, personalize them with your pet’s picture, impress everyone with the unique accessories or surprise your friend with a great gift and – at the same time – help our four-legged brothers! 

As an animal lover I love that Printsfield donates a portion of each sale to a local animal shelter in their home country of Poland.

Navigating The Printsfield Website

I tend to use a mobile device like my phone or tablet for internet usage especially shopping. It allows me to take a closer look at the items I’m interested in purchasing. The Printsfield site was fairly easy to use. I was able to scroll through the different products easily. Once I choose the design I wanted, it was really straight forward adding the image I wanted on my socks. Honestly deciding what picture I wanted to use was the hardest part of the whole process. At first, I thought of getting my sons face but opted for our dog Alba instead.

Black collie labrador cross dog with a red collar and blacj harness.   Sitting on the sand waiting for someone to throw her toy.
The picture I ended up choosing for my socks

Galaxy print is one of my all-time favourite designs, so naturally, I gravitated to the Galaxy printed socks. As soon as they arrived I was so happy with the socks. They are so colourful. I love how they cropped Alba’s head onto the socks.

Close ujp of Printsfield Personalised Socks.  Galaxy coloured with red, pink, purple and some blue.  Random stars dotted over the socks which have black toes and heels.  The socks feature a close up cropped image of a black dog smiling.

It wasn’t until after placing my order and checking back on the site that I noticed they do laptop cases and notebooks!! I love a notebook.


Once my order was placed, a confirmation email was sent. Another email was sent once the item was dispatched. There is a charge of 4.99 Euros for delivery, which is fairly standard. Printing the products depending on the number of orders, it can take up to 3 business days. With shipment times being anything from 2 to 4 weeks. Due to the lockdown, I was advised that my shipment may take a little longer. Surprisingly I waited for only 2 weeks maybe 3 tops.

Printsfield Personalised Sock Review

Wearability and Care Instructions

Due to my chronic illness, any items of clothing I wear must be comfortable to wear, if they’re not I won’t wear them. Thankfully for me, the socks are comfortable to wear. I really like the cushioned sole. It makes accidentally standing on stray pieces of my son’s lego a little more bearable.

I would have preferred more of an ankle sock length as I don’t normally pull my socks all the way up but they still look cool pushed down.

Because they are printed, the colours may vary slightly and due to material of the socks the colour may look a bit washed out due to the material stretching over your foot. Caring for them is a little different than a normal pair of socks. You can’t throw them in with your regular wash. They should be washed at 30 degrees. Anything warmer will alter the colours. They cannot be tumble dried, again the heat would affect the design.

Would I Recommend?

If you’re looking for a quirky personalised item to send to someone to brighten there day. Printsfield is the place for you!! With multiple designs available. There is something to suit everyone. You can also add more than one image to your design (at additional cost).

Pricing and Discount.

At the time of posting, there was a sale across the whole site. The Galaxy socks I choose were 16.95 Euros, normal RRP is 30.95 Euros. Some might say that this is a little expensive for a pair of socks. But I say they are a personalised item that someone is going to cherish for a long time, it is worth the cost.

Thinking of buying someone their own pair of socks or maybe the boxers or briefs? Don’t fret though I’d you would like to order a gift for a family member with your face on it or treat yourself to a keepsake with your pet on it. I’ve got an offer of 20% across the site. Use code nicolajogston20

I would love to hear which design you would choose and whose face you would put on them?


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