PomPom Counting – At Home Learning & Development Activities

Being at home 90% of the time means that as a parent, I need to find activities for Alex that are fun but are a great source for helping his development and learning.  I’ve found that puzzles and books dedicated to teaching numbers and letters are good but they’re not always as fun for Alex than physical learning.

What You’ll Need

Cupcake Cases – 1-5 Although we only do up to 3 at the moment as Alex gets too distracted.

PomPoms – As many as your little one will be counting out. I’ve found that too many pompoms are also a distraction.

Sharpie or Marker

What To Do

On each cupcake, case write a number from 1 to 5 using the marker. Set out the pompoms and cases in front of your little one and ask them to say the numbers on each case and count out the number of pompoms that should go into that case.

As I mentioned if I put out 5 cases and 10 pompoms Alex gets a little distracted and tried to put all of the pompoms into one case, which is fine as to him that is fun, but if I am trying to get him to focus more I will only put out 3 cases and 5 pompoms.  I will gradually increase the number of cases and numbers until we get to ten.

The good thing about this activity is that is mess-free, cheap and can be done anywhere in the home.  I do want to add that the cupcake cases do get a little bashed up, but it is easy to get a fresh one each time and write a number on it.

I’ve created a board on Pinterest of other activities for learning and development that I will share once we’ve tried them out a few times. If you are interested in seeing my ideas, please check out my board.

If you have any learning and development activities you think we should try, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

N xox

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