If you recall I wrote about my very first contribution piece being published online. I was elated and shared the article on my social media accounts, sent links to family and friends. Basically thinking that I was the dogs bollocks getting a byline on something I had written.

The euphoria I felt didn’t last long maybe only a couple of weeks if that. After submitting another piece about the new show Emerald City which was put up on the site on 14th February. Nothing else I’ve sent in has been published nor have I had responses to my emails seeking content approval.

Normally I would let this fester and get angrier and more and more disheartened about my ability to write.  With the self-doubt demon whispering (sometimes screaming) in my ear, telling me you’re not good enough, your writing is rubbish.  That’s why they’re not posting your submissions or replying to your emails.  They’re trying to spare your feelings. Just give up, its a stupid dream anyway. Which we can agree is not good for my mental health or my dreams of continuing to write.

Yes having my piece put up on a website was a dream, dreams don’t have to big they can be small……and yes as a first time contributor the piece required some editing but practice would have made perfect I would have learned what makes for a good article.  I guess editors are extremely busy but a few pointers or notes here and there wouldn’t have hurt.

Rather than dwell (although deep down I probably will, I don’t really let things go) I’m going to turn it around & post the type of things I was planning or hoping to do on their site on my here instead.

So what kind of thing am I talking about? Well reviews on tv shows, movies, games, music and my current Netflix binge sessions.  As well as my thoughts and feelings on any news related to these subjects.   I just need to come up with a catchy tag or category name.

I don’t want to bash the website and tell people who might read this or my friends and family to boycott it,  because they do go things for charity and frankly I’m not that petty.  I’m still going to be reading the site. And who knows maybe one day I can work with them again or give the contribution thing another go with another site or publication.

You live and you learn as they say.

Now I’m off to brainstorm a catchy name.  Any suggestions are welcome.



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