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Petticoats & Lashes Photography – Toddler Photoshoot

There’s something really special about having professional photos taken of our children. It’s a great way for a keepsake and great for Christmas gifts for the grandparents. Over a week ago we took Alex along with his cousin Lucy to get some photos done with Charlene of Petticoat & Lashes Photography by Charlene Hoey.

Charlene is my younger cousin but I choose her to do the photos because she is incredibly talented and so laid back and easy to work with. She didn’t show any frustration or annoyance towards Alex or Lucy who were a little apprehensive at first to get their photos taken, although when they both finally warmed up we got some cracking photographs.

We went to Calendar Park to take the photos as it’s big, has lots of trees and looks very autumnal which was the aesthetic I was looking for. I think Charlene was able to capture a lot of photos which she narrowed down to almost 70. I don’t envy her having to shive through all the photos looking for the best, the ones she selected and sent over are exactly what I wanted.

A few days after the shoot Charlene shared some of the pictures on her Facebook page and instantly I was so glad that she took the photos. They are stunning. She has managed to capture some truly gorgeous moments with Alex and Lucy and there is even one with me, David and Alex.

One of the great things about Petticoats & Lashes Photography is that you get the digital rights to the photos meaning that I can print them as many times as I want and share them with friends and family.

I love the photos so much that I’m getting Charlene to take photos of m next year for my big birthday. This is massive because I hate getting my photo taken but the one of the three of us is so good. I want to frame it without being embarrassed about how I look

If you’re in the central Scotland area and are looking to get some amazing photos taken I would highly recommend Petticoats & Lashes Photography by Charlene Hoey. Her website is currently under construction but you can find her on Facebook which I’ve linked above.

Have you ever had a professional photo shoot taken of your kids or even yourself? I’d love to hear other people’s stories and experiences.

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