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Peppa Not Allowed Here!!

Peppa Pig the popular show aimed at preschoolers, seems to have become an entity of its own, the show airs on 3 separate channels here in the UK and is popular worldwide.  With a multi million pound merchandising business including DVDs, toys and its very own theme park.   You would think because of this it would be a good, decent, educational show that you would happily let your little person watch? Well not in this house as David & I have made the decision that Peppa is not allowed.

The burning question you are probably asking yourself is, why? why would you prevent your toddler to watch this much-loved kids show?  Well let me tell you, after discussing the antics of Peppa with other parents and my husband we came to the conclusion that the show is teaching children to be cheeky, pushy and downright not nice. Although all children are cheeky to some extent, our little fella is no exception, sometimes I can’t do anything but smile or laugh at his antics, but there is a limit to what is acceptable and if he tries to push it too far he is told off. Maybe some people feel that I’m being harsh for telling a toddler off. That however is a whole other blog post.

Peppa is so rude, mean and bordering on being a bully and downright annoying. She’s been known to force her friends to do things that they aren’t too sure about doing.  It’s not ok to force someone to do something they are not comfortable with and as a parent I’m not comfortable with shows teaching this to my child.

The creators seem to want to ridicule any child that knows the answer to a question or facts about a particular subject they are called “a know it all” or “clever clogs”.  Why do they feel that they need to degrade or belittle the person who knows the answer.  That in my mind is going to teach kids to be ashamed of answering questions or sharing interesting facts in fear or being called names.

Comedian Jason Manford shared his feelings on Peppa Pig several months ago and how she is always calling Daddy Pig fat and making fun of his belly. (There is enough body shaming going on in the media which is not acceptable, it is even less acceptable in children’s programming). Daddy Pig always looks hurt by the comments, now before anyone mentions it, yes I know children don’t have a filter and say what’s on their mind but she or whoever makes the mean comment is never told that they’ve said something hurtful or told off, then they all roll on the floor having a giggle at daddy pigs expense.

Children are constantly learning, whether it’s by the actions of their parents, grandparents, siblings, friends as well as their favourite shows and characters. if programmes like this teach them it’s ok to be mean and not do as they are told without being corrected then how are they going to succeed in a school environment or later in life.

Maybe I was brought up differently but when I was a kid if I had been naughty and done something I knew was bad I would get in trouble. I was taught right from wrong and to not make fun of other people and to respect others.

Sadly Peppa Pig isn’t the only show that has questionable educational values. Shows like Thomas & Friends are always making the point that the engines need to be useful and that if someone does something bad they pretty much get away with it without being disciplined. Nanny Plum’s comments about Wise Old Elf in Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom sometimes comes across as being racist. Don’t get me started or Wissper, Waybaloo and Bing. Safe to say that children’s programming is questionable in its educational values.

Am I over thinking this? Possibly but I have seen enough ill-mannered badly behaved children to know that I hope that Alex won’t be like that and I’m hoping that stopping him from watching shows like this will help.

Do you allow your kids to watch Peppa Pig?  Are there any children’s  shows that you refuse to let your child watch?

I’d love to hear from other parents on this. Am I just being over sensitive and a mean mummy for not letting my son watch Peppa Pig?

Thanks for reading.

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