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New Month, Same Old Same, But Plans Are Afoot

It feels like 2019 is running away from us. I swear it feels like we were just celebrating the new year, looking forward to new adventures, setting goals and making plans. Next think we know it’s half the year has gone and we (meaning me) aren’t any further forward in the goals I’d set myself or following through on the plans I’d hoped to make. Please tell me I’m not the only one??

Hello June – My Plans and Hopes

This month I’m hoping to get back into posting more on here and my social media. The last few months I’ve been focusing most of my energy on other things and dealing with a few major flares.

I’m hoping to share at least one post a week, as well as being more present on social media. I want my stories and voice to be heard and hopefully give others the encouragement and support they might need to get them through a flare, a parenting challenge or a particularly hard day

School Holidays

It’s crazy to me that Alex has been going to nursery for a little over six months. The changes in him are incredible. He’s such a little cheeky character at times.

We’re approaching the start of the summer holidays which means no nursery for six maybe seven weeks (I haven’t counted). I hope that we can manage to have some adventures during the holidays, that are fibromyalgia, public transport and bank balance friendly.

After the holidays Alex is going to be in nursery full day for 5 days a week. Not sure how either of us will cope with that! I think he is going to love it, but I suspect he will be falling asleep at the dinner table. Me on the other hand is going to find it very odd the house being quiet for six hours a day. I guess it will give me time to start a new hobby, write more or finally getting round to learning how to use my sewing machine. The opportunities are endless.

Speaking of the school holidays. I’d love to hear some of your plans for this summer. Leave a comment below of what you’re planning to do

As always thank you for stopping by and be sure to like, share and give me a cheeky follow on here and my social media to keep up to date in our life Parenting In Pain.

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