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My Tips For Surviving Blue Monday

Today January 15th marks blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Everyone is winding down from the holidays. Everyone is back at work counting the cost of what they spend on presents, food and parties. The weather is horrible and we just want it to be summer. Ive been looking online for ideas to improve my mood not just for today but in general as I have been taken off my medication, so anything that will help on those down days is good to know. Here are some of the tips I’ve found that will hopefully help me and anyone get through not only blue Monday but any day that you’re feeling a little blue.

My Tips For Surviving Blue Monday

Dance, Strut, Dance

Listen to some of your all time favourite tunes, if your walking to work or out for some fresh air, strut your stuff like the pavement is your own personal runway, or just dance around your house like no one is watching.

Cat Videos

There something really enjoyable about watching cat videos on YouTube. They always lift my spirits. If cat videos aren’t your thing then watch whatever it is that makes you smile.

Get Some Fresh Air

Even if it’s a quick ten minute trip to the local shop to stock up on your favourite pick me up snacks that is fine. The fresh air will hopefully clear your head and if it doesn’t then the snacks will come in handy.

Indulge In Some Chocolate

If like us you for an excessive amount of chocolate for Christmas and haven’t devoured it yet, HAVE some!!! It is scientifically proven that chocolate releases endorphins and we all need those on this or any dreary day. I’m not say eat a whole giant box of chocolates, know your limits cause if you eat the whole box you might end up feeling sick and guilty and we don’t want that.

Treat Yourself

Spend some quality you time. Treat yourself to a little R&R, have a long hot bubble bath, go for a massage or a facial. Short on cash? Then why not do a face or hair mask at home or paint your nails

Alternatively if your not one for facials and nails then maybe a little bit of retail therapy but don’t blow the overdraft.

Wear Something Bright

Wearing bright colours can lift your mood so why not wear the brightest item in your wardrobe. Even if it is neon yellow underwear that little pop of brightness will hopefully melt away those blues.

Plan A Day With Your Besties

I don’t know about you but I love organising and planning and on days like today I enjoy doing just that. Set up a group chat with your besties and plan a little get together.

They you have it. These are my tips for getting through not only blue Monday but any day you’re feeling a little blue. If you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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