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My First Touch & Feel – Book Review

Reading is a big part of the bedtime routine in our house. David reads to Alex every night before bed. We want to encourage Alex to enjoy reading as much as his daddy does. I wasn’t a big reader growing up because I struggled with the size of print, if I had known then that there was aids to help me I might have enjoyed reading and getting lost in the story. I want that for Alex. He will pick up one of the many books he has a look at the pictures which is a good start. To encourage him more we got him his first library card, which you can read about here.

Earlier in the week we were kindly send a few books from Campbell Books. They specialise in making books specifically for babies and toddlers. The books we received for review was My First Touch and Feel – Farm,  and My First Touch and Feel – Park.

Disclaimer – I was provided with a free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and in no way influenced by the creators of the products.

The books are aimed towards babies younger than Alex, who is 2.  However he was really interested in the books as soon as I opened them.  The books are bright and well illustrated with cute little cut outs that show a little peak of what is on the next week.  The Farm book shows different farm animals from cows to a goat, a few of the pages have different textures from soft and fluffy to hard and smooth.  The Park book iis as equally colourful and full of fun activitires that kids can do at the park including swings and picinic.  Similarily this book is textured, which  is great for your childs development.  Each book has a small amount of text that describes what is going on, on  the page.

Out of the two books we were sent, Alex enjoyed the Farm one a little more than the Park one.  As he was flipping through the pages, he was making the noise of each of the animals, which was so adorable (I wish I had filmed him).

The books are robust and can withstand any toddler tantrum, it would take a lot for little hands to rip the pages of these books, unlike other books we have.

If you have young children who you want to enocurage to become book lovers, the My First Touch & Feel books are a great place to start.  As well as the Farm and Park books there are also Zoo and Sea available via Amazon.

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