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My Chronic Illness Story 

Back in 2013 I received the official diagnosis that I have fibromyalgia as well as hypermobility syndrome. I think I might also have chronic costochondritis as well as chronic fatigue but those ones haven’t been diagnosed because GPs are useless. (More on that at a later date)

I’d known for some time before the diagnosis that things weren’t quite right. I had began to experience some of the fibromyalgia symptoms back in 2009 starting off with what I thought was a really bad chest infection that just wouldn’t shift.

After many many visits to GPs and 2 referrals to a rheumatologist, the first one resulted in me being told I didn’t have fibro!

Finally after years of pain and not knowing what was wrong a diagnosis was given and during our research we discovered that fibromyalgia can but not always be the result of a traumatic experience.  Well that makes sense because back in 2009 I developed acute angle closure glaucoma which was extremely painful resulting in loads of medication, hospital admission and finally surgery.

Over the years the list of symptoms I experience has grown longer and longer. My pain is getting worse but I feel abandoned by my GPs (I’m going to talk about that more at a later date). My GPs haven’t given me much in terms of pain relief. I’ve been given anti inflammatories and co-codamol which isn’t any good for man nor beast. Well in my opinion anyway I’m lucky if they take away a headache let alone the worst pain imaginable. I’ve been given anti depressants and told that they can help improve my pain codswollop. This and hearing what other sufferers are prescribed makes me feel like my GPs don’t believe in fibromyalgia as I suspect many don’t. Don’t get me wrong I know that not EVERYONE has the same symptoms and even if 2 people do have the same symptoms one persons could be a lot more severe than the others. I just wish that GPs wouldn’t dismiss me whenever again (but again more on that later)

With a one year old to run after my days are exhausting. Thank god for an amazing husband who takes over when he comes home and to an amazing mum and pop who take the wee dude whenever they can.

When we did you find out you had your chronic illness?

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  1. Big hugs Nic. I’m sorry the doctors are useless. It took them 4 years to diagnose me and it was no fun at all. xx

    1. Thanks hon. It’s shocking how slow they are at diagnosing a lot of things not just fibromyalgia!
      I’m hoping if I keep pestering them they might give me more help. All I get now is antidepressants and some pain relief which doesn’t even touch the sides lol xx

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