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My Chronic Illness And GPs

“The cruelest symptoms of our illness, is disbelief by medical personnel”. This quote by Mary Carlson is a perfect explanation of my own feelings with my illness and doctors.

Ever since I started developing symptoms of my chronic illness I’ve had the feeling that many doctors didn’t believe me, leaving me to feel that what I was experiencing was all in my bed. I literally had to beg to be referred to a consultant twice and it was the second referral that finally for my diagnosis.

Fast forward 4 years a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia and hyper mobility syndrome and I am still made to feel like I am wasting GP’s time whenever I have appointments. Whenever I go into the doctors office, it feels like they’ve already decided that whatever is wrong with me will be resolved by losing weight and exercising.

On one particular appointment my pain had been more extreme than before and I requested a referral to pain management and was refused, the GP told me that they can do just as much as pain management but didn’t bother to discuss changing my current pain relief which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.  Just once I would like for a doctor to actually listen to me and help me cope with my illness.

Do you have a doctor who is sympathetic to your illness/condition? I’d love to hear about your experiences with GP’s



  • Leah

    Big hugs Nic. A lot of doctors are callous arseholes. I still haven’t been to see my new doctor and I’ve lived here for 7 months now. I’m in no hurry to be treated like crap again. xx

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