• I know exactly what you mean. I saw my mum today and apologised to her, I can now imagine what she went through at the time. The things we do as kids lol. Thank you for reading x

  1. Your story is a bit similar to mine although I don’t remember it, I only get reminded of it constantly, I was one/two-ish and in a baby walker, someone had left our gate open in our garden and I somehow managed to get out on to the pavement that was against a main busy road, lucky like you someone stopped me (a young lad on his bike) and if it wasn’t for him maybe I wouldn’t be here today and now I have two children myself I’m very aware of everything, it’s maybe made me a little too conscious but I don’t care. Thank you for sharing this with us, sorry for the ramble 😀

    • OMG that’s is so scary. The things we put our parents through. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I realised the severity of what could have happened and how my mum was so distraught. Thank you for reading. X

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