1. Awesome goals!! Good luck for the blogger panel:) I’m also looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes! I had my first one a few years ago in England because they didn’t have Starbucks in Luxembourg! They’re so good:) thanks for sharing!

  2. In and Out of Vegas

    I love this and should start doing this. It really does lay out and a clear and concise plan, doesn’t it. Sometimes it’s better than just keeping it all in your head. I’ve been feeling a bit cluttered in the mind lately haha being a bit busy between work and blogging AND life in general. I think this is a great idea for me to do. Thank you. Good luck with yours! I am going to meet some fellow bloggers this week too!

  3. I don’t set monthly goals and it’s more because I don’t believe that I will actually stick to them than anything. Maybe it would be good to start with small goals and gradually build them up? I hope you’re able to get all of these done!

    Lauren 🙂 x

  4. Ooooh a walking theatre? That sounds so interesting and unique!! Plus, I gotta try that pecan caramel latte as I’m not crazy over pumpkin spice haha. I set goals for myself every month, too! Love ticking them off

    • It was really interesting. Not sure if I’m totally happy with the post I’ve written about it though as it’s kind of different from what I normally post. The ticking off is the best part 😀 x

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