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Letters From Santa – Lapland Mailroom Review

It’s scary to think that Christmas is just around the corner!  This will be the first Christmas where Alex understands about Santa Claus and he seems excited for it, which fills my with joy and anticipation. I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas morning, opening his presents! To mark the occasion and make this Christmas extra special.  I am going to be getting him his very own personalised letter from Santa which I have ordered from Lapland Mailroom

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Disclaimer this is a sponsored post.  In return for writing this review I will be receiving a personalised letter for Alex from Santa. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lapland Mailroom’s Website

Lapland Mailroom’s website is easy to use, it gives the customer the ability to personalise each letter with their children’s name, age and what they would like for Christmas. A section to put what was left for Santa and his reindeer last year.  You can tell Santa who your Childs best friend is.  You can write one of your Childs achievements, which is a great touch.  After entering all the details a copy of the letter is on screen. Letting customers see exactly what their child will be receiving.  Another customisable part of order a letter is that the letter can be signed by Santa Claus or Father Christmas. I think this is a brilliant idea as not ever family refers to Santa as Santa.

Screenshot of the ordering process.

There are 3 letters to choose from which if customers have more than one child, each child is going to get a different letter.. Lapland Mailroom also offer a Baby’s First Christmas letter.  Which is a great keepsake for  children when they are older.  

Cost and Postage

The letters are priced at £8.95. For an extra £1 you can get an activity pack. The price point is in my eyes is very responsible. Your paying for something that your child will love and will hopefully will make them feel special that Santa took time to write to them.

Postage and packaging is free.  Lapland Mailroom’s letters can be sent worldwide.  Orders must be placed by 10th December for international postage, 14th December for postage to Europe and 21st December for UK postage.

Once an order has been completed.   A confirmation email with all sent with the details as well as an order reference.  Once the order has been processed another email will be sent and another when it has been dispatched with an expected delivery date.  Letters are due to begin arriving early December.  Keep an eye on my social media in December to see what Santa has said to Alex.

If you are looking to get a letter from Santa for your child, niece, nephew, grandchild or any child you know.  I highly recommend Lapland Mailroom.  It will make their Christmas that little bit more special. 

What was the once present you ever got from Santa as a kid? Let me know in the comments. 

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