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Lapland Mailroom – Personalised Letter From Santa

Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t know about you but I’m in need of a little extra Christmas cheer. What better way to bring that needed cheer than getting a personalised letter from Santa from Lapland Mailroom.

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post. I was kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest and thorough review.

Lapland Mailroom Making Christmas Magical

Due to the events of 2020 Christmas isn’t going to be the same as what we are used to. Due to the pandemic, Christmas events are being cancelled. We’re not able to take Alex to see Santa anywhere or visit any festive markets. We have to think of other ways to make Christmas that little bit extra magical.

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A few ways we have decided to add a little extra sprinkling of cheer this year. We put our Christmas decorations up earlier than usual, trying some Christmas recipes and ordering a personalised letter from Lapland Mailroom for Alex.

We have in the past received a letter for Alex from Santa. In 2018 when he three, Alex got his first-ever letter from Santa. It made Christmas that year special!! He loved receiving the letter but truthfully didn’t fully understand what it meant. Now that he is 5 and is excited for Christmas a personalised letter will mean much more to him and us.

Ordering Our Letter

Everything about Lapland Mailroom screams Christmas. From the website design down the letters themselves. The site is easy to navigate and ordering is just as easy. There are 3 letter choices with a special first babies Christmas option available also.

When ordering your letter you can choose from a drop-down menu which letter you’d like and whether you would like to add the activity pack. You can choose whether to have the letter signed from Father Christmas or Santa Claus. This is a really special touch as not everyone refers to Old Saint Nick as Santa.

Making the letter truly personalised is simple. The site asks your child’s name, age, where they will be on Christmas eve, what they left as a snack for Rudolph and Santa the year before. They also ask about your child’s best friend and what gift they are most looking forward too. I really like that there is a section where you can write a special note or achievement for your child.

The Most Excited Little Boy

We received Ales’s letter a few days after ordering. When it arrived Alex was so excited to see it. He hasn’t stopped talking about Christmas and Santa since the letter arrived.

Alex's letter from Lapland Mailroom.

As we read the letter to him, his little face light up, because Santa knows all about his best friend, what he wants for Christmas and what we left for Santa and Rudolph.

Nice child certificate is a great touch to the whole Lapland Mailroom service. We have a sign in our house saying that our home is under Elf Surveillance and this certificate lets him see that the Elves are keeping an eye on him and telling Santa that he is being a good boy. On the other hand, we do have to remember him that Santa and the Elves are still watching and that his name can get taken off the nice list.

Someone made it on to the nice list

We love an activity book and this has been keeping us busy after nursery. Alex really likes the puzzles and we can’t wait to try out the Rocky Road recipe. We plan to colour in the Santa stop her and door hanger all ready for Santa’s visit As well as colour in the card to gift it to someone special.

Lapland Mailroom, activity book and colour your own card.

Price and posting dates

The personalised letters from Lapland Mailroom, start from £8.95. At the time of writing this post, your child will receive a nice child certificate for FREE!!

Postage for the letter is also free of charge and can be posted to anywhere in the world.

Last Posting Dates

  • United Kingdom – 21st December
  • Western Europe – 19th December
  • USA, Canada, Japan & Eastern Europe – 10th December
  • Rest of the world – 13th December

To ensure your child receives their letter in time be sure to order soon. Use the code “Dancer” at checkout for a discount on your purchase.

What do you call Old Saint Nick? Santa Claus or Father Christmas?

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