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Is He Going To Be A Shy Kid?

As a parent to a toddler who doesn’t interact with other kids that often, I worry about how he will fit in when he starts nursery or goes to places where there are a lot of kids and people he doesn’t know.  Is he going to be a shy kid who won’t leave mine or his daddy’s side, is he going to be able to make friends and get along with the other kids? Are a few of the questions that plague me on a daily basis.

Zoe of Thinkbaby.org had reached out to me a while ago, we got to talking and I had a good old rummage around her site. I found an article about children who are shy – Is It Normal For My Toddler To Be Shy?  There is some really useful advice on how to help your little one cope with new situations, where you can suggest to family members or friends to let the child make the first move in approaching new people.  For me, this is something that I need to do at family gatherings or when we go to new places. in the past, I have tried to nudge Alex towards people he hasn’t met before, and although he comes out of his shell eventually, I have seen that he is uncomfortable with being forced into interacting with new people.

After reading the article by Zoe I don’t feel that Alex is an introvert or overly shy. I feel that he is being a normal toddler. He says hello to strangers all the time, if they talk to him he can become a little bit shy, hiding his face and not speaking to them, for me though I don’t see that as being a problem.

My main concern is how he is going to be around other children and whether he will make friends easily or be the kid that gets left out of everything. We do go to gymnastics once a week where he socialises with other kids his age but he’s more interested in running around with his cousin who goes to the same class, but she is due to move up a level, I’m worried about how he will be when she’s not there anymore. I do hope that he will come into his own and get involved, play with the other kids and make friends.

How did you combat shyness with your children?

N x

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  1. Ask your health visitor if there are any local parent and toddler groups. I went to a few at local churches it’s the perfect way to have them learn to socialise plus you meet new mum friends too xx

    1. Thanks babes. I’ve got a idea of where there are some groups but my anxiety of new situations has been stopping me. I do think though I need to try and work on that, for his sake xx

      1. Yeah it’s not easy I struggle to out and about with the kids too, first time will be hardest but definitely best to try for him xx

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