I Ran Away From Home When I Was Three.

Most people have at least one story from their childhood that is well-known within their family. From pooping at the most inconvenient times and places to screaming I’m sexy and I know it at the checkout of a busy supermarket (my friends kid did that once). My story that is infamous in my family is that I ran away when I was 3 years old.

Technically I didn’t run away in the normal sense. I don’t remember every detail clearly as it was a long, long time ago (cries to myself). I think I was playing I’m not sure if I was outside or inside. I thought I saw my nana leave and head towards the shops. Apparently I decided that I wanted to go with her.

Try to catch up I had to cross 3 maybe 4 roads but I never managed to catch her!  This was the 80s so there weren’t as many cars on the road than there is now, it’s scary to think what could have happened.

As you might have gathered by now, it wasn’t my nana I was following it was some random woman. Luckily someone who knew my mum and nana saw me and took me to the police station. I don’t remember much of that apart from getting a biscuit in the police station and my nana picking me up.

I have since found out that it was my nana that picked me up as my mum was really upset which is completely understandable. I think if she had picked me up I would probably have been smacked.

I’ve told this story a few times to friends and David, when I told the story before I would chuckle about it, but now it’s not so funny.

With Alex being a year younger than I was when I went on my walk about it puts into perspective how this could have ended in tragedy. I am so thankful that the person that saw me was kind and took me to the police station. I’m sorry for putting my mum through this. I can only imagine how distraught she must have been. Thinking of this or something similar happening to Alex fills me with so much fear and anxiety.

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  1. So kind of that lady. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know. Thank you for reading x

  2. There are some good people in this world and I think sometimes takes us to grow up and to mature to realise how worried we used to make our parents x

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I saw my mum today and apologised to her, I can now imagine what she went through at the time. The things we do as kids lol. Thank you for reading x

  3. Thanks for sharing sweet story!

  4. Your story is a bit similar to mine although I don’t remember it, I only get reminded of it constantly, I was one/two-ish and in a baby walker, someone had left our gate open in our garden and I somehow managed to get out on to the pavement that was against a main busy road, lucky like you someone stopped me (a young lad on his bike) and if it wasn’t for him maybe I wouldn’t be here today and now I have two children myself I’m very aware of everything, it’s maybe made me a little too conscious but I don’t care. Thank you for sharing this with us, sorry for the ramble 😀

    1. OMG that’s is so scary. The things we put our parents through. It wasn’t until I became a parent that I realised the severity of what could have happened and how my mum was so distraught. Thank you for reading. X

  5. So lucky you were spotted before you got too far! Its scary to think how much worry we put our parents through when we’re kids

    She’s Looking at the Stars

  6. lolitambonita says:

    I think I ran away several times but the streets felt a lot safer back then! x
    Lola Mia //

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