I Don’t Even Know Where To Start (Where Have I Been?)
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I Don’t Even Know Where To Start (Where Have I Been?)

The best place I should start I guess is. Why I haven’t posted any new content since October? Honestly, I didn’t feel inspired to write anything new. I was spending time going through older posts, updating them and trying to use the new skills that I had learnt from helping out at The Unchargeables. It all got a little too much though! I started to feel overwhelmed with my site, The Unchargeables and trying to maintain our home and raise our son. My priorities need to be looked at and sadly my own site was neglected.

Our World Came Crashing Down

Everything changed for family not long after Christmas. My Papa (mum’s dad), passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had been unwell but we never expected it to happen. I remember getting the call and the first thing I said was you’re kidding me. Shock took over, I couldn’t believe he had gone. We’d gone for his birthday dinner a week or so earlier. And although he was out of breath and tired I didn’t think that would have been the last time I would see him. 3 months on I’m sad that I never got to see him again. I am comforted that on the last day I saw him I told him I loved him.

Making Changes

After the funeral, I made the decision to step back from The Unchargeables. At first, it was only for a month or so. Going back at the end of February I tried to get back into the swing of things, I quickly felt swamped and stressed. I came to the conclusion that at that time it would be best for my mental health and wellbeing to take a permeant break. One day I might go back and help out at the moment though, my plans are to focus on me, my family and get back into creating for my own blog.

The World Has Gone Mad

The coronavirus is nothing to joke about but is it really necessary for people to hoard toilet roll, hand wash, hand gel, pasta, rice and soup? Walking into the supermarket is like walking into an abandoned shop in a ghost town. Shelves are picked clean, leaving nothing or very little for the people who aren’t able to stockpile, because they don’t have the money, transport or space to buy a years worth of toilet roll. As far as I am aware the virus doesn’t give you the shits. Why on earth are people buying so much toilet paper!!

Genuinely I am concerned about the pandemic. I’m worried that schools in Scotland are going to be closed for weeks and how am I going to entertain a 4-year old for however long they’ll be closed for. It worries me that we will not be able to buy food because of the people who are buying multiples of everything! I’m selfishly concerned that I will get the virus and that with my fibromyalgia will amplify the symptoms.

Why I’m Coming Back Now

It has taken me some time to sit down and write this post, there have been tears. Multiple edits, deletions and thoughts of never writing again. But with the current situation that is happening in the world, now feels like the right time to get back into writing.

Do you have plans on how you are going to spend your time if we go on lockdown or are self-isolating?

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