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How A Dog Helped Complete Our Family 

Until a few years ago I considered myself a cat person, they were the only animal I had as a family pet.  I knew I liked dogs and I was comfortable around them, but had never thought that I would ever have one as a pet/companion.  That was until 3 years ago this October David and I were on our annual family holiday with my parents and friend on Mull. We didn't expect to be coming home with a new addition, an addition that has completed our family in more ways than one.

The neighbours to the house we were renting had puppies, they said they were 8 weeks old or so, we had stopped to see them a few times. Instantly I feel in love and wanted to take one of them home.  I was lonely at home and although we had a cat at the time Saffi, she wasn't what you would call a sociable cat and like to be left alone, only coming for attention when she wanted it.  I had been forced to give up work due to my chronic illness and issues with my sight, so I was house bound 90% of the time when David was working.  Boredom had well and truly set in, I was experiencing cabin fever that I feared would never end.

The family friend had suggested before that I should maybe get a dog, for the company and also to help me get out the house, someone even suggested I should register for a guide dog.  I was considering it but knew that David wasn't overly keen on getting a dog.

I spent days trying to convince him to let me get a dog, I was intolerable to live with and I'm not ashamed to admit that I behaved like a spoiled brat. I begged and pleaded with David to let me get one, with my mum to talk him into getting me one, but he was adamant that he didn't want another pet.  I argued my case for days telling him how good it would be for me to get a dog, that it would be a positive experience and that I would get out more.  He was not for budging, in the end I was forced to take drastic action, telling him that he couldn’t stop me from getting a dog and that I was getting one.  Not my proudest or finest moment let me tell you.  My actions could have jeopardised our marriage and I am ashamed that I was willing to take the gamble, a gamble that could have cost me my husband and feature happiness, all for a four-legged furry friend.

Thankfully the gamble did pay off, we brought our little fur daughter Alba home, along with 2 of her sisters (not all for us).  She's a cross between a labrador and a border collie, a breed that is effecitonaly known as a Borador, we think that she might have been slightly younger than we had been told, but when we took her to the vets to get her jags the vet wasn't overly concerned about her being away from her mother.   She settled into her new home live quickly.  I become more active and had someone to spend time with when David was out working.


At the time of us bringing Alba home, we had been trying unsuccessfully for 2 years since we got married for a baby, a baby that I was beginning to think would never come.  Having Alba helped me with the heartache I felt not having a baby in my arms, she helped me come to terms with the fact that we might not ever become parents.  I stopped focusing on ovulation days and the need for a baby.  Then after having our pup for 6 months we fell pregnant with Alex!


As Alex grows up I cant wait to see the bond that will hopefully develop between them.  At the moment Alba is still a little weary of him as he can be a little rough with her, but it is amazing to see them chase each other or Alex trying to throw her toy for her, he ends up in fits of giggles which always puts a smile on my face and anyone else’s who sees it.

She is never far from my side, some times she sits so close she's almost sitting on me, she loves cuddling in and doesn’t mind at all if I lay down beside her.


Was getting a dog the catalyst that helped us get pregnant or just a weird coincidence, possibly.  I do however believe that if we hadn’t brought her home when we did, we wouldn't have Alex.  David doesn't feel this way but hey I’m allowed to believe that it was down to that silly crazy dog of ours that helped complete our little family.

Alba has her very own instagram account which you can find here.

If you have a family dog or any other pet that completes your family I'd love to hear about them, please comment below and share this post anyone you think might be interested in hearing our story.


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