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How A Bad Doctors Appointment Can Put You Off

Finding a doctor who is understanding about your chronic condition can be a struggle.  The number of GP’s I’ve seen or stories I’ve heard from others about doctors not listening or helping is shocking!  I wrote previously about My Chronic Illness and GP’s  Where I spoke about the lack of support I was receiving by my doctor.  Shortly after writing that piece I moved practice and found a doctor who I felt got my condition and was helpful.  That is until one day, they don’t seem to be as understanding as you first thought.  They make you feel like you’re wasting their time.   You question whether you will go to see another doctor again. 

My Latest Doctor Appointment

Recently I’ve been experiencing A LOT more intense lower back pain.  it’s become so bad that I can barely move.  I had a phone consultation with one of the doctor’s in my practice (there are 5 in my practice).  She was really helpful and   prescribed me a new drug.  I was advised that if the pain persists they would need to see me. After a week or so the pain was just as bad, I made an appointment but was unable to get the doctor I spoke to on the phone. 

The doctor I saw on the day I went in, was one who I had seen before.  She was previously very helpful and appeared to be understanding.  That however was not the case on this during my last appointment.

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Wasting Her Time 

When I sat down and began to explained what was happening, she sat there looking at me with an expression I can only describe as hurry up and get on with it.  I told her about my pain and mentioned that when I had my telephone appointment I had asked for a refill of my pain meds.  She told that the pain relief I get is available to buy over the counter. How exactly am I supposed to know that? Yes I could google it, but I thought that going to the GP for chronic pain relief would mean I would be prescribed non over the counter medicines! 

Reluctantly she wrote a refill for me but never once examine my back to determine whether the pain was related to my fibromyalgia or if it was something new.  I guess she was putting it down to my fibromyalgia pain, even though I said it felt different. .

I Felt Numb 

Leaving the appointment felt bewildered and let down.  Maybe she was having a bad day and took it out on me, maybe in her eyes I was wasting her time.  I was sent packing with my prescription for pain relief and nothing else.  No referral to see if my hip and back pain is something other than my fibromyalgia.  

At that moment in I swore I would never make an appointment with that particular doctor again.  The feeling of supportiveness that I had previously experienced had gone, I wasn’t sure it would ever return.  Sadly I do have to make regular appointments.   To get certain medication as they won’t give me my pain relief or anti depressants on a repeat basis.  I have an appointment with another one of the practice doctors this week, let’s hope she is a lot more helpful.

If you’ve had a bad doctors experience I would love to hear about them in the comments.  Or any tips you can share to help get doctors to listen. 

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