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Blogtober 2018 – Hello and Welcome – Day 1

Hello and welcome to October otherwise known as Blogtober in the blogging world. A month long challenge where I will be posting each and everyday.   It is my first full month taking part in a  blogging challenge.  I have previously taken part in 12 days of Blogmas last year which was fun.  It wasn’t as full on as Blogtober.  Getting involved in blogging challenges give me the opportunity to discover new bloggers which is always a good thing.

Blogtober Prompts

There are many blogtober prompts available on the internet and Pinterest that are heavily focused on fall/autumn.  I wanted to created my own list of prompts that will fit easily into the normal day to day blogging content.  The prompts I’ve chosen are within my parenting, disability and lifestyle categories, with a hint of an autumn theme, so there is something for all.

Image of  31 blogtober prompts for the month,
Blogtober Prompts

Anyone who would like to take part in Blogtober is more than welcome. It would be great if you use my prompts but it is not necessary,.  Write about whatever you want.  There are no rules to the challenge except that you need to post daily.  A lot of my post are prewritten to make my life a little easier and less stressful, as I suspect blogtober can be.

Please check out the other bloggers taking part in this years blogtober and show them some love.  If you want me to link your site to my list let me know and I will be happy to do so, sharing is caring as they say.  

Ali –

Natalie –

Sarah –

Lina –

Laura –

Stephie –

Please also check out Britt’s blog at Alternatively Speaking.  She will be doing blogoween.  A month long of halloween related post,  I cannot wait to read Britt’s posts.  

If you have found my site through other bloggers sharing their blogtober posts, hi and welcome please feel free to subscribe to my blog to get regular post updates.  

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  1. I’d love to swap links with you for blogtober please

    1. I’ll add your link to my posts. Thanks x

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