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Hello October

Last Months Goals

In my Hello September Post I wrote about the goals I had set myself for the month. I hope to drink more water, go to the gym more as well as organising housework and blogging so that I am writing in advance rather waiting to the last minute. I wasn’t as successful in my goals as I hoped. I did tidy and organise my desk for writing and began to plan posts but actually spending time to write said posts was wasted on playing games on my tablet or watching rubbish tv……….I am a bad blogger.

With it being a new month though I’m not going to beat myself up too much about my lack of achieving all of the goals. Instead I’m going to give myself another set of goals in the hopes that I can get more done and if it’s only one more than the month before that’s ok.

October Plans

This month if mostly quiet in on the plans front. We haven’t got anything set in stone. We are going away at the end of the month to Arran with my parents for our annual family holiday. I’ve never been to Arran & I’m really looking forward to going to the island. I’ve been to Mull and Skye with my parents before. We’re hoping to visit more of the Scottish island.

Alex’s 2nd birthday is at the beginning of November which I will be planning out this month. We will be away for his birthday and are hoping to take some of his presents away with us.

My Goals For October

  • Sort out wardrobe. Go through mine and Alex’s clothes and donate whatever doesn’t fit anymore or hasn’t been worn in a year or less
  • Sort through Alex’s toys. Donate what he doesn’t play with anymore. With his birthday and Christmas approaching I’m sure he’s going to be getting more toys from family and Santa.
  • Plan out our evening meals using my menu board. Write a detailed shopping list to go with the menu.
  • Set aside on night a week for me and me only. Pamper myself with face masks, hair treatments or doing my nails. Self care is important and lately I’ve been neglecting myself which isn’t good for me.
  • Engage more on social media. Primarily on twitter and Instagram. I want to interact with people and hopefully improve my following.
  • I hope to finish at least one book this month. I’m currently reading The Handmaidens Tale but it’s not gripping me as much as I’d hoped so I’ll probably end up reading something else.
  • Start a gratitude journal. As I mentioned I haven’t been doing very well with my mental health recently and I’m hoping to turn that around by starting a gratitude journal. I feel that daily journaling is a bit too much to start with, I’m going to do a weekly journal, possibly using a template until I get the hang of it and then maybe move to daily journaling. I’m going to be using my Harry Potter Ravenclaw notebook for my gratitude journal. (If anyone is interested in a more detailed post about gratitude journaling and how i am finding it helpful please let me know)
  • Go for walks I’m aiming for a daily basis even just a short walk round the block with Alex and Alba.
  • Start Christmas planning. I know I know. But I love planning and being organised especially since it’s only 2 pays to Christmas.
  • Meditate before bed. My mind is usually on overdrive at bedtime. I’m hoping meditation will help calm that.

I’m hoping that having a mixture of goals to focus on I will be able to improve both my mental and physical health.

Looking Forward To In October

Our holiday, scary movies (I’m not a big fan of scary but I do like a spooky movie at Halloween). Cosy nights and getting my winter wardrobe sorted.

What are your goals for October? Do you have any meditation apps that have helped?

As always thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to comment, like and share this or any other post.

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  1. You’ve set some really great goals I hope you achieve as many as possible! I would like to dedicate more time to myself for Self care as well xx

    1. Thank you so much sunni. I hope I can achieve the majority of them. Self care is usually the first thing to go when my mood is low and I really need to start taking better care of my self.
      I hope you are able to dedicate more time for self care as well. xx

  2. I love the goals you’ve set yourself for the month! I try to set 3 or 4 each month, and like you I have planned a rather quiet October, but November and December are super busy so I think we deserve a quiet month!

    1. Thank you hunni. We do indeed. 😀 x

  3. Good luck on reaching your goals and I especially love the Harry Potter journal.

    1. Thank you. I got the notebook in Waterstones. It’s a really nice size I love it 😀 x

  4. Great blog post! And I love the fact that you didn’t beat yourself up for not achieving all your September goals 😃 We’re only human after all.

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