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Hello November – Its Our Birthday Month

Hello November, Its that time of month again, no not THAT time!  its a brand new month which means brand new goals and plans.  A clean slate that lets anything seem possible. Plus it’s mine and Alex’s birthday month and I’m excited for what this month will bring.

How I Did Last Month

Octobers goals were a little more adventurous for me, normally I only set one or two goals but I’m trying to better myself buy pushing myself to do more which might be out of my comfort zone.

In terms of last months goals, I didn’t complete them all but I did manage to at least make a start to clearing out mine and Alex’s clothes and sorting his toys, which was made even more difficult as he kept picking them up from the donate pile and play with them.

I enjoyed the dinner planning but it doesn’t always go according to plan, we either change our minds about what we want to have to eat or I’m too tired to cook.

I did finish reading my book The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel, I really enjoyed the book, if anyone is interested a review please let me know and I’ll happily do one.

November’s Goals

  • Read More – I’m aiming to read at least two books this month as well as reading more blogs. I enjoy finding new authors and bloggers to read and interact with.
  • Take Up A Hobby – I’m really interested in learning to do calligraphy and lettering. For my birthday I was given some calligraphy pens and paper and can’t wait to learn a new skills that I can put to good use during the upcoming festive season and future birthdays.
  • Create A Skincare Routine. I am terrible at looking after my skin. I don’t have a set skincare routine, I’m lucky if I remember to clean and moisture daily. With me entering my last year of my thirties it’s time I get looking after this skin of mine, before it’s too late.
  • Online Detox – I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a little addicted to being online. Whether on social media, surfing the web or watching YouTube there are days I can be on my phone constantly. I need to detox and I’m aiming for at least one day a week to stay offline. (This is going to be the hardest goal for me as my phone is my lifeline and the temptation to go to twitter or Facebook is going to be strong)
  • Try A New Recipe – like many households we tend to eat the same 5-6 meals and it gets a little repetitive and boring, so I want to try a new recipe starting with one this month and then maybe increasing it two the following month. If the recipes are a success I will share them here on social media or in a blog post.
  • Exercise- Although I’ve been enjoying my time going to the gym. I’ve been struggling with the pain afterwards, so haven’t been in a while. I’m determined to try and move more and if I’m unable to get to the gym I want to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day.

Looking Forward To & Plans

We don’t have much planned this month. It’s mine and Alex’s birthdays on 1st and 2nd, we have a photo shoot for Alex in the middle of the month which I’m really looking forward as it is going to be an outdoor shoot. I’m hoping that I’ll get the pictures in time for Christmas for cards and calendars for family and friends.

I’m already planning our Christmas and what we will be getting Alex and family. I can’t wait to start getting organised although not really looking forward to the wrapping that is a chore in itself.

What are your goals and plans for November?

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