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Fun Indoor Activities For Young Kids (Approved By This Spoonie Parent)

With schools and nurseries in Scotland unlikely to return until August, and with the schools and nurseries being closed since mid-march. Finding fun ways to keep our little ones entertained and occupied whilst we are indoor, is beginning to wear thin. I’ve spent many hours searching through Pinterest, FB groups and the internet to find fun indoor activities that be done at home.

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When you’re a parent who has a chronic illness, getting outside to play with your child, visit parks or blowing up the paddling pool in the garden isn’t always an option. Each of these activities might seem like nothing to anyone who doesn’t have a chronic illness. But for people like myself, these tasks can be physically draining. It might sound callous but as a spoonie, I have to use my energy (spoons) wisely. I can’t justify using all my energy on one activity as it will likely have a knock-on effect over the following days.

Indoor Activities That Will Be Fun For Little Ones

Like many 4-year-olds, Alex would be happy and content if we watched paw patrol all day or played with his lego but after a while that gets a little boring and repetitive.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 activities that Alex and any kid should love without requiring lots of preparation or energy spent by mum or dad setting up the activity.

  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  • What’s Your Name Exercise Challenge
  • Floor is Lava
  • Giant Noughts and Crosses (tic tac toe)
  • Learn Some Fun Facts or Jokes
  • Build An Astronaut
  • Make Cards or Posters for Friends and family
  • Indoor Obstacle Course
  • Build A Den/Fort
  • Paper Plane Races

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun, especially if the items are well hidden. Why not set up your own indoor hunt with items in your own home. Or you can use the free printable I created for Alex.

List of scavenger hunit items for fun indoor activities

What’s Your Name Exercise Challenge

This is an idea that I found on Pinterest and have pinned to my Indoor Activities board. For each letter of your child’s name, there is a specific activity for them to do. So for example for Alex, his would be

A - Jump up and down 10 times. 
L - Pretend to jump rope for count of 20.
E - Walk like a bear for a count of 5.
X - Try and touch the clouds for a count of 15.
List of challenges for someones name, fun indoor activities
What’s Your Name Challenge

Floor is Lava

An easy yet entertaining game that should keep kids entertained for at least a short time. We always find its best to do this one randomly. When they least expect it makes it more fun.

Giant Noughts and Crosses (tic tac toe)

This one is easy to set up and doesn’t require too much energy. All you have to do is. Place painters tape or masking tap on the floor in a grid pattern. For the noughts and crosses. Use paper plates draw a cross on some of them and leave the others blank, then let the fun begin.

This one is a little frustrating and is maybe better for older kids. Alex doesn’t quite get that it’s three in a row you’ve to get to win.

Learn Some Fun Facts Or Jokes

At the moment Alex is obsessed with dinosaurs and space. He even has three imaginery pet dinos (it is so cute). A great activity we’ve found is learning new facts through activity books. The ones where you can draw and wipe clean are the best as it means he can use them over and over again.

Build An Astronaut

Another idea I found on Pinterest. Is to build an astronaut. The most challenging bit of this for me was to cut out the astronaut parts, putting together or building didn’t require any help from me. We like fhat is blank and Alex is able to colour in the suit however he wants.

Make Cards or Posters for Friends and family

Making cards for friends and family is a great way to let kids be creative and let people know the kids are thinking of them We choose to use card forms like these from Amazon (AF). it means that we get the right-sized envelopes for mailing. As far as decorating goes we use crayons and stickers rather than glue and glitter as that would probably be more effort from me.

Indoor Obstacle Course

This one takes a little bit of effort to set up an obstacle course. I’ve seen pins where people have used masking tape to make laser beams, where the kid has to climb through, under or over without ripping the tape. It’s not one we’ve actually tried yet but will definitely be giving it a go.

Build A Den/Fort

We’ve all built dens or forts growing up. One way to do it is build it in the living room using the sofa, so you can still see the tv. Grab some snacks, climb under the blankets and have a movie day.

Paper Plane Races

This activity is great for the days where my energy is really low. Folding paper into a plane is really easy, unless your going for an elaborate design. From the sofa or bed depending on where we are, we take turns throwing our areoplanes to see whose goes the furthest.

Are you a spoonie parent, what kind of indoor activities do you do with your little ones?


  • Britt K

    You’ve got some great suggestions here! I remember playing the floor is lava as a child, it was always a lot of fun! I like the idea of the name game – I’ve seen a few different variations of that on Pinterest for all ages, making it super easy to adjust depending on the age of the child that you’re trying to keep occupied. I also read other ideas of things that you can spell – the street you live on, your pets name, your favourite colour, etc.

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