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February 2019 Decluttering Challenge

Living in a small 2 bedroom flat means that our options for storage is limited. We have to be creative with our storage solutions as well as what we can keep a hold of. Ideally I would have liked to start a decluttering challenge in January but with my chronic illness, getting back to a routine with nursery and life getting in the way I wasn’t able to start a purge of the house. Now that February is approaching I’m hoping to get a started, declutter and reorganise.

Let’s Get Decluttering!!

To make it less of a chore I looked on Pinterest for inspiration for what to and where to start decluttering. (I have a board for decluttering if you want to check it out) Many of the challenges I found were 30 or 31 day challenges. They also included stuff like car, garage etc. I don’t drive or have a garage. I ended up creating a challenge that would be more suitable for me and my chronic illness. Each day I will hopefully be able to get one task ticked off the list which will help me feel accomplished even if it is as simple as clear out one drawer.

28 Day Decluttering Challenge

If anyone is interested in taking part in the challenge, let me know and we can encourage each other. Use the hashtag #parentinginpain if sharing anything about the challenge on social media so I can see and repost.

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