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Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Wonderbly (AD)

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 21st June, and with parts of the UK only now beginning to emerge from lockdown. We are limited to where we can shop for the perfect Father’s Day gifts. That’s where Wonderbly comes in. They offer a range of books in 12 different languages that can be personalised ideal for any father’s day gift.

Disclaimer – I was sent this product in return for an honest and fair review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. Any links marked with (AF) are affiliate links. Meaning that I earn a small commission of sales made through the link. With no extra cost to you.

Father’s Day Sorted

The ordering process of our books was really straight forward and easy to do. I browsed the UK version of the Wonderbly site. There are currently 2 books for dads. I Love You This Much and You Are The Best Dad Ever. It might not seem like a lot of choice but with the ability to personalise the book(s). Having lots of options could be overwhelming.

We (Alex and I) chose to order You Are The Best Dad Ever, as it seemed more fitting than I Love You This Much, which was aimed from ages 0-3. (In hindsight, If I were to choose again. I would go for the other book as it’s more for dads with younger kids, whereas the book we ordered is more for dads with older kids)

Using Wonderbly site

What is great about personalising these books from Wonderbly (AF) is that you can choose qualities that best describe whoever is getting the book. You can add the name of the child or children who are giving the book as a gift, as well as the recipients partner. Letting dads know that they appreciated not only by their children but by their partner too.

Cover Choices

You can get the book either as a hardcover or softcover. We decided that the hardcover as I felt it would be more durable and stand the test of time. The cover comes with the option of several designs. Something that’s will suit everyone. We went for the green cover with all the different dad illustrations. I felt that would be better suited for David. As well as choosing the cover design you have the option to write a dedication which is printed on the first page of the book.

One thing I must stress is make sure that you are completely happy with the book before placing your order. Each book is printed to order.

Kept In The Loop

From the moment the order was placed, I was kept up to date of the progress via email. I received an email to tell me the order had been received, another to tell me that it was being printed and finally one to confirm that the item had been shipped.

Delivery was surprisingly quick! At checkout you are given an estimate of how long the delivery will take. I expected to wait longer than the estimated time due to the lockdown, but it arrived a few days after I received the shipment notification.

Wonderbly book personalised Father's Day Gift Idea

Our Thoughts

We were all really pleased with the book. Alex was so happy giving the book over to David, he ran to the door as David came home from work handing him the book. David was equally as pleased seeing the book and reading the dedication to him. It is such a special keepsake gift that both Alex and David can look at in years to come and hopefully reminisce about this time in Alex childhood together.

Other Products

As well as the book for Father’s Day we were also kindly gifted the choice of a second book. I decided to treat Alex and got him the book The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. It is such a cute book. The illustrations are beautiful. Again this is a personalised book! I was able to choose from a few different formats and write a dedication inside.

Proudly showing off his new book

What do you plan on getting for someone this Father’s Day?


  • Unwanted Life

    Father’s Day gifts aren’t something I’ve ever had to worry about, I was raised without a dad. But I always got a Father’s Day card and the occasional gift for my grandad (he was really hard to buy for as he never wanted for anything).

    I hadn’t actually heard of Wonderbly before until reading your post, so I’ll recommend it to my partner two they can find a Father’s Day gift for their dad

    • Nicola J Ogston

      I’m sorry you didn’t grow up with a dad. Mine wasn’t about too much but I had a great stepdad and papa who I got gifts for. I hope your partner finds the idea helpful.

  • Amanda Gene

    Sadly, my father or my stepdad doesn’t want to be apart of my life. So I don’t buy gifts for them.
    My grandpa has asked that I don’t get him anything this year. I will be taking him out for lunch though.

    • Nicola J Ogston

      I’m so sorry your dad and step dad aren’t part of your life. It’s their loss. Taking your grandpa for lunch is a great way to spend some time with him ?

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