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Fat Girl Walks Into A Gym – Update

It’s been well over 2 months since I published my Fat Girl Walks Into A Gym piece, which for a long time was one of my most popular posts. An update of how my experience of being a fat Girl in a gym is long overdue and here it is.

At First

When I first started using the gym it was good, everything was going well I was feeling good in myself for exercising but then quickly it began to cause more pain, I was making excusing for not going. There was a whole month where I didn’t go at all because of family holidays and a complete and utter lack of motivation.

I was disappointed in myself for not going!! I got in touch with Fiona my active Forth rep/trainer and explained how my costochondritis has been flaring & that I suspect it is because of the weights I had been using. After a false start where Alex wouldn’t settle in the crèche, we met a week later and finally sorted out a new programme.

New Exercise Programme

Just like my last programme my warm up is the same. I do 10-15 on the treadmill (depended on my mood lol). I use the hill climb profile on easy which is a good steady incline meaning that I don’t really notice it so much. One I’ve finished my warm up I move on to exercises that Fiona has came up with to work all my muscles so that my ribs and chest aren’t getting over stretched.

  • Skiers lift (I probably look like a right numpty doing this but it does get my whole body moving!
  • High knee raises. Fiona got me to stand with my legs hip width apart with my hands and what ever height I felt comfortable then lifting each leg to the height of my hands.
  • Steps ups 2 reps of 25, starting with my right leg then moving on to the left. I haven’t done anything like that in a long time and boy that gets the heart rate up.
  • Superman stretches. I’m not sure what the technical term for these are Alternating arm stretches in front whilst on all fours. Then alternating the opposite leg at the same time. This takes a little to get used to especially when I start doing the arm and leg at the same time.
  • Assisted squats – going from standing to sitting down on a bench, holding the squat pose for a few seconds before sitting.
  • Triceps Pulldown – this is the only weight machine I use however it is set to the lowest weight which I think is less than half a kilo.
  • Plank – this is my least favourite! To start off Fiona wants me to lie in the planking position but instead of raising me feet I’ve to pull in my tummy and eventually hold for 30 Seconds then moving on to the standard plank.
  • Ball raises – supporting myself against the wall. Raising a ball up over my head then moving it from side to side.

I was given a number of reps to aim for but Fiona said that I’ve not to concentrate on that as such and to do as many as I can.

Afterwards I end my session with a cool down. Previously I used the recumbent bike but Fiona said that I can do whatever I wanted suggesting the cross trainer or rowing machine. In the past I haven’t had good experiences with either of those so I opted for treadmill again. Fiona did mention though that the rowing machine i waterrower meaning it is smoother to use. I might be brave and try it some time.

How It’s Different

The main difference is that I’m not using any weights apart from the 2kg ball for the ball raises and the minimum weight for the tricep pull down. I’m hoping that because we are limiting the amount of weights I am lifting and focusing on all over body that my chest would get as sore (it is always sore but we are hoping to not aggravate that pain).

If I am unable to make it to the gym for whatever reason I can do the majority of the programme at home which is great.

The Day After

I’m not sure whether it was because of the new programme or because it was the first time I had been to the gym for a month but the day after was like no other. My thighs were so achy even my abs were hurting a little. But what wasn’t hurting was my ribs and chest, well except the usual every day pains. For me that is a win.

Thoughts and Feelings

As for my feelings towards being over weight in a gym that other people using the leisure centre can see into, I’m not that bothered. I’m not self conscious about my size, or what I’m wearing. Do I feel that other gym users are judging me? Honestly no I don’t. There are a lot of different ages groups using the gym which makes it feel more relaxed. If it were a gym chain instead of leisure centre I might feel more self conscious though.

Do you go to the gym? I’d love to hear about your exercise programme.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Don’t be bothered as people will always judge. Just do you by getting healthy. I remembered when i first started using the gym, i felt so self conscious giving that i was in a country where the ladies were petite and almost fragile- (Middle East). Took me a while to get used to my black, big boned body. But once i got going…..unstoppable! Go get it girl!!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m getting there slowly 😀 x

  2. Great stuff! Kudos to you for going to the gym:) sounds like you found a good exercise routine that suits you, which makes you stick to it, and that’s the main thing! Thanks for sharing this update!☺️

    1. Thanks for reading Helene. X

  3. Girl good job on taking care of yourself!! Don’t worry about what anyone has to say because people always talk regardless if you need any tips I can assist!!

    1. Thank you. I’ll remember that 😀 x

  4. I used to go to the gym but I failed at that badly haha! I truly believe though that when someone goes to the gym that no one is judging them and if they are they need to realise that everyone is there for the same reason x

    1. That’s a really good point. Everyone that’s there is trying to improve their health. X

  5. I’m glad you have someone in the gym to help you find the right exercises for you. My goal for 2017 was to lose some weight and get healthier and it didn’t happen. I started a new job and work loads and just ate junk. Now that I’m settled, I’m slowly getting back into a health lifestyle. Just keep at it girl!

    1. Thank you. It is good having someone there to keep me right 😀 x

  6. that sounds very hardcore, well done you on managing all that!!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | http://www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

    1. Thanks Hannah. It isn’t too bad when you get used to it lol x

  7. I had been bulky most of my life and never had any will to hit gym and tc of my health TBH. But from the past 2 years I am doing exercise regularly and I have reduced weight too. This was not easy at all, I would literally crawl myself to the gym. But once I started observing the positive things not only in my body but mentally, there was nothing that could stop me. You are doing a great job and you will succeed for sure. Keep your spirits high and aspirations even higher. Good luck.

    1. Well done for sticking at it hon. My main goal is to improve my overall health for my son both physically and mentally, although I’m not focusing on weight loss that’s just a bonus.
      There are days I have to get people to force me to go the gym and I’m usually fine when I get there lol x

  8. This is fab! I’ve avoided the gym for a good few months now and I know I need to make the afford to go back. I’m glad your trainer could Tailor the excercise program after you explained the pains, so glad it seems to have made that difference you needed!

    Thanks for the motivation I needed!

    Shona Marie xo

    1. Your welcome honey. If I can help one person with my posts I’m happy with that 😀.
      It is good when the trainers understand illnesses and the effects exercises can have on them

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