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Family Night Picks – Blogtober 2018 – Day 13

I’ve mentioned before that I want to start having designated nights for family time.  We do spend a lot of time together but its usually me doing one thing and alex and david playing or vice versa.  I want to make it so that one night a month or maybe every other week, we spend the whole time together doing something that we will all enjoy and have fond memories of, at a later time.  

A good old movie night.

There’s something magical about snuggling with your loved ones on the sofa to watch a movie. Or snuggling in mummy and daddy’s bed. Chatting and watching the movie. Enjoying snacks and being together.

Building Towers

See who can make the biggest tower with Lego blocks. Whoever gets the tallest tower wins something.

Play tag

There’s nothing more heartwarming than hearing your child giggle. When we play tag. Alex giggles as we chase him or he chases us. It’s so much fun. Although mummy is slow and gets caught and tired very quickly.

Play Games

I love board games. We don’t have any yet that are suitable for Alex but I’m planning on getting some soon. I think snakes and ladders would be a good game and maybe hungry hippos could be fun too.

Make a meal together

Alex is always trying to get involved when we are making dinner. A good idea is to make a meal as a family.

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