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Elegant Touch – Steel The Night Nails

Not my usual type of post but I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on Elegant Touch – Steel The Night Nails. I was going out for the day and wanted to make a bit of an effort and decided I wanted to have longer nails and opted for this set of deep ruby red in the coffin shape nails rather than get acrylics.

I bought the nails on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots. The colour I went for was this gorgeous burgundy shade that made me like getting into the autumnal spirit.


The set includes various sizes of nails, nail glue and an instruction leaflet.

David had to read the instructions for me as the writing was so tiny. I started off with matching nail sizes and placing them in a row in front of me.

After cleaning my natural nails like the instructions suggested I started glueing and placing the false nails. The glue dries fairly quick which is good, who has 20 minutes to wait on glue drying.

Placing the nails on my dominant hand was a little tricky but I managed in the end and I was very happy with the results.


Once I applied the nails and let the glue set they felt comfortable, I may have put them on closer to my cuticles than I was meant to but it didn’t cause discomfort.

Using my telephone and buttoning my jeans was a little difficult, it took some time to get used to having those talons. I managed to catch one of the nails and think I might have bent it back as my natural nail was really sore but it was better within a day or so.

Sadly I did lose a nail when we were out for dinner. It was a little embarrassing I was walking round our nations capital with a missing nail trying to hide it from view, which wasn’t easy.


When it comes to the removal of the nails I did it the wrong way that would probably make any nail technician scream at me. But I was tired, had an already missing nail so I picked them off. Terrible I know.

Accessibility Standpoint

In terms of ease of use for the visually impaired I would have to say that the application in itself was ok but the fact that the instructions that are supplied are such small print. Even David struggled to read them. I believe that all manufactures of products no matter what they are should provide instructions in larger print within the product packaging.

Have you tried Elegant Touch Nails, or any other at home false nails? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions of this product.

Thanks for reading.

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