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Day Out At The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

When I was younger a day out at the Edinburgh Fringe festival was a regular occurrence. I would go with friends cram in as many shows as possible in one day. Sadly since becoming ill with fibromyalgia I rarely go to any shows especially in the city centre. This year however David & I made plans with my cousin and his wife to go see a few shows. Here’s how our day out at the Edinburgh Fringe festival went.

We caught the train about 2 arriving in at Waverley station just before 3pm.  The train and station was busy, but I was on a mission and wasn’t bothered by all the people around me a win in the anxiety stacks right there.  Our first show wasn’t till 4:30pm and what better way to kill time than go for a drink. We decided on the first pub we saw, The Guildford Arms on West Register Street, right at the end of Rose Street.

The Guildford Arms is a nice bar in Victorian style decor. Which doubles as a venue during the festivals. it has the feeling of a friendly relaxed place, where you can meet friends, chat, drink and eat.  During the festivals bars can be chockablock with little chance of finding a seat, that day however we were in luck and were able to find a seat tucked away in the corner. A round of drinks for 4 was about £19 which isn’t back for 2 pints, a large glass of wine and a bottle of Corona.  Although the bar was busy, it wasn’t too loud, people were chatting about their day and who they were going to see or what they were going to do.

After finishing our drinks at The Guildford Arms we headed to York Place where our first show was being held. Although it was part of The Stand it wasn’t actually within the comedy club but in a hotel down the street.

Phill Jupitus – Up The Stand

If you haven’t heard of Phill Jupitus – where have you been living? He’s been featured on many television shows such as Live At The Apollo, he was a panel member on Nevermind The Buzzcocks and is a really great comedian.

Incorporating comedy with a couple of songs, that had the whole room in stitches as soon as he got on the stage.  I honestly don’t think I stopped laughing during the hour long show.  I left feeling that I had made the good choice of booking Phill and will definite go see him again.

David & I at Phill Jupitus

The venue itself was small, but I didn’t feel to crammed it was licensed which is always good.  I had a bottle of Sol which is similar to Corona and it was really nice.


We had dinner at Gusto on George Street, which I posted about here

Whose Line Is It Anyway

Our second show of the day was a live version of the impromptu comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway, hosted by Clive Anderson at The Assembly Rooms on George Street.

I had watched both the British and America versions of this show on TV and when we saw that it was at The Fringe, I knew it was one we had to see.  Every night the shows panel is different.  At the performance we saw Mike McShane and Colin Mochrie, who both featured in the original shows.  I was really excited to see Mike McShane as he was my favourite panelist.  They were joined by another 2 comedians, but I’ve forgotten their names DOH! Bad blogger. 

The performance was exactly like the show on tv, the audience were asked styles of tv, movies and theatre shows that the performers had to create a scene, characters and songs in the chosen styles.  There was a few audience participations during the performance which made me feel glad we were seated in the balcony.

Ir was a good show, I was slightly uncomfortable because of where we were sitting, we were at the front of the balcony with not a lot of leg room.  The venue is much bigger so there were a lot more people which made me slightly anxious about. 

We were going to go for another drink and maybe try and see another show, which we hadn’t booked but because of me being uncomfortable we decide that we would come home.

The journey home was not fun and very stressful.  The train was so jam packed that I was pressed up against the door, trying not to collapse or have a full blown melt down. That is the only downside of the day and I won’t let that stop me from going again.  I think next time I will be more prepared for the busy train.

Have you been to The Edinburgh Fringe or other festivals? What shows did you see?

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  1. Sounds fun. I’m hitting the festival this weekend.

    1. Hope you have an amazing time. Who you going to see? X

  2. carahosie says:

    Looks fun! I need to go to the Fringe this year! Every year I say I’m going to go then miss it haha! x

    1. It is definitely worth a trip x

  3. Good recommendations! I love the Fringe but don’t think I’ll get across to see it this year unfortunately. Great read

    1. Thank you so much. There’s always next year if you don’t make it this weekend. 😀 x

  4. Ah! I missed Phil Jupitus when I was there. Gutted. The Fringe was fantastic this year.

    1. It really was. First time I had been in a long time. Hoping to make it a yearly day out. Can’t wait to see what next years line up is. Phill stays in Scotland now so hopefully he’ll be there next year 😀 x

      1. I hope he is so I can see him 🙂

  5. Sounds like a fun time with a lot of cool events! I understand what you mean about not loving riding on the crowded train. I get uncomfortable in situations like that too.

    1. Thanks for reading Lisa. I was brutal. I knew the trains would be busy I wasn’t prepared for that level of busy though 😀 x

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