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Cosy Nights In – Blogtober 2018 – Day 5

We’ve never been the kind of couple who went on dates. Sure we would go to the movies and restaurants but we wouldn’t get dressed up and go out for a drink on the town. Staying in the house, being comfortable and cosy is what we preferred. Today’s post for Blogtober is going to be about my or our perfect cosy nights in.

The perfect cosy night in would be child free. Not because of any saucy but our flat is so small that Alex’s room is off the living room which means we can’t watch tv with the surround sound on or laugh uncontrollably at a movie or comedy show.

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Cosy nights are best for autumn and winter time where there’s that little nip of cold in the air. The heatings in just to the right temperature. Candles are burning making the living room all cosy looking.

A warm fluffy blanket would be on hand for snuggling on the sofa together, watching a movie or favourite tv show. Soft cosy pjs are also a must as well as snacks and oddles of tea.

What is your idea of a perfect cosy night in?

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  1. Your idea of a cosy night in sounds perfect. Mine would be a new release dvd, snacks, a fleecy blanket and someone to snuggle up to. xx

    1. Thanks babe. Yours sound perfect as well. I can’t remember the last time I bought a new dvd. X x

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