Visual Impairment

Cloudy With A Chance Of Eye Surgery

As you may know my eye sight is not that great. So much so that I am registered blind. You can imagine that when my already limited sight becomes a bit cloudy it’s more than a little bit scary. Well that’s what has happened.

For a while now I’ve been experiencing the odd bout of cloudy vision in my left eye (the good eye, although it’s still bad). I put it down to being tired as it usually went away after some sleep. However last week it became more persistent and didn’t seem to be shifting. It was moving around my field of vision.

Focusing on anything felt like it was taking up a lot of energy. Lights were becoming too bright and difficult to cope with. People on the street and in my home were becoming blobs.

After a few days of it not going away I made an appointment with the emergency eye clinic at the hospital. At the appointment the ophthalmologist thought that the cloudy vision is being caused by some residual tissue left behind following my cataract surgery. I think she said it was something called retained lens fragments. Apparently it is not that common but does happen. She explained that the tissue is hanging like a chandelier and that she suspects that I wouldn’t normally have been affected by it if my eye did move due to my nystagmus, which is why the cloudiness moves and isn’t constant in one place.

To fix the cloudy vision she said that I will more than likely need surgery. However she is passing me to my normal ophthalmologist who I’ve been a patient off for over a decade so he can take a better look and create a plan of action.

In the mean time it’s cloudy vision for me. Avoiding bright light. Which isn’t ideal especially with school pick ups a low autumn/winter sun. Thankfully though I have an amazing support network who are able to do the school run for me. Until the cloudiness has been fixed I won’t be going out alone as I don’t feel confident due to the cloudy vision moving. And if I’m completely honest I possibly won’t be going out with people as it is still stressful trying to navigate when I’m with someone. I can only imagine it would be 10 times more on my own.

Unfortunately the stress of the situation seems to be having a knock on affect with my fibromyalgia. My pain has worsened, with nothing easing it for very long. My mental health is also taken a hit which I guess to be expected when something this drastic happens.

I’m hoping that I will hear from my consultant soon so I can get more of a idea of how long I’ll have to be wait to get the surgery or to find out what exactly can be done to solve the issue.


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