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Bus Drivers!!!

Dearest First Bus drivers’ (yes plural) 

I am a bus pass holder for visual impairment and have a toddler in a pushchair and I just want to take the time to say thank you. 

Thank you for waiting until I was seated before pulling away. Making sure that my pushchair was securely braked and I didn’t bump into the pole meaning I wouldn’t end up with a bruise and sore arm thanks to my chronic condition fibromyalgia…………………..oh wait. That didn’t happen, did it? 

No you both were complete wankers and pulled away before I was sitting down. I struggled to get my sons pushchair brake on before you drove away from the stop. And did bang my arm on the pole which hurt like hell and still does over an hour later. Thanks for that! 

Would you wait until an elderly passenger was seated before pulling away, or a blind person with a guide dog, or even a small child? Probably not cause your a wanker and most likely a massive grump also. That’s no our fault!!! 

It would only take another 5-10 seconds of your time to wait to make sure all your passengers are seated safely before departing. 

Sadly I don’t have your driver numbers so I cannot put a formal complaint in about the 2 drivers. But I can vent my frustration here and hope that you were maybe just having an off day. (It is Monday after all and who likes Mondays?) And that next time I or someone like me gets on your bus you are nicer and wait before driving off. Because if you don’t a person could get seriously hurt. 

Many regards 

A pissed off passenger. 

Ps I know not all bus drivers are like you there are a some really nice, kind and polite drivers. 

P.p.s.  My faith in humanity was actually restored whilst getting off  the bus when a kind gentlemen helped me get off the bus by lifting the pushchair because you didn’t even attempt to lower the exit way. Wanker!!!!! 

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