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Box Of Favours – Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner. Which means time for finding the perfect gift for the important people in your life. With the current global situation, finding that perfect gift might not be as easy as it once was. We can’t browse in the shops or touch and feel the quality of the item we are thinking of gifting. That’s why I’m sharing Box of Favours as a Christmas gift idea.

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post – I was sent this product in return for an honest and fair review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

The Idea Behind Box Of Favours

Box of favours was created when Ben Saunders was living in London. His flat mate was in a stressful job as a primary school teacher. She would often come back from work after a long day of teaching to spend the rest of the evening marking and then go to sleep.

As her birthday was approaching, Ben wanted to do something special for his friend. He could see she was stressed and wanted to help de-stress. He offered to take her out for a meal but she was unable to go for a meal as she didn’t have time as she had to do her laundry and other household chores.

After thinking about what she said Ben gift her some favours. In the hopes that it would take some of the stress of her and also give her time to do things she likes to do. After an online search for ideas of how to gift a favour came up empty Ben set about creating Box of Favours

What You Get In The Box

When you receive your Box of Favours it comes in a white sleeve with the company logo printed on top. Inside the sleeve is a lovely dark blue (almost purple) presentation box with the logo embossed in gold on the lid and a quote from Mother Teresa printed on the bottom of the box.

Inside the box is lined with a velvet foam lining with the favour cards nestled nicely into it. On top of the cards there is a black envelope that has a contract the gift giver can write to the receiver. It’s a quirky little aspect of the gift.

Funny non legally binding contract

Sadly it is a non legally binding contract, but it is a really nice touch to the gift.

There are 15 favour cards with 10 preprinted favours which are:

  • Tea or coffee x 5
  • Special meal
  • 1hr Peace & quiet
  • Movie of choice
  • House chore
  • I win this debate
  • A day out
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Back massage
  • A big cuddle

The remaining 5 cards are blank which can be used to fill out favours that are specific for whoever the gift is given to.

Once the person you have given the box to decides on a favour to redeem they give you back the card, then you have to complete the favour.

Ideal Gift For?

Box of Favours it is the perfect gift for someone special in your life. A partner, a parent or someone you know who might not have as much time to themselves. It’s a great novelty or stocking filler gift that I’m sure whoever is gifted it will love it. You can buy Box of Favours exclusively on Amazon at £9.99 with Prime Shipping.

Giving Back

After watching David Attenborough’s A Life, Ben the creator of Box of Favours pledged to donate $1 for every box sold to One Tree Planted. Which a charity based in America. Whose aim is to make it simpler for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.

Plant a tree from every sale

They have done this in the past and helped to plant 2000 trees worldwide.

My thoughts

The idea behind Box of Favours is genius. From the packaging, the prewritten favours and the option to create your own specific favours. It ticks all the boxes.

As a parent living with a chronic illness, life can be stressful and I don’t always make time for myself. Being gifted favours would mean that I could have some me time, or spend some quality time with whoever gifted me the favours.

The only downside of the gift would be choosing which favour to use first and to make sure I use them wisely.

Know someone who would appreciate this gift? At £9.99 it’s not going to break the bank and you’ll also be doing your part to helping the environment.

What would you write on the blank cards. Leave your ideas in the comments.

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