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Blöm Cards Monday’s – A New Blog Series

If you’re an avid reader of my site, you’ll be aware that I have dealt with mental illness for some time now, I’ve talked briefly about my struggles with depression and anxiety, which you can read about here. I’ve found a lot of kindred spirits on social media, who talk openly about their own battles with mental illness and how they try to raise awareness for promoting better mental health services. One of these kindred spirits is Anna of Mamas Scrapbook, who teamed up with a friend and they created Blöm Cards. I ordered a set and want to share if they help improve mindfulness and compassion towards themselves.

Who is Anna

I randomly found Anna on Instagram whilst watching someone else’s instastories Instantly I know I liked her and that she could be one of those people on social media that you find, who could actually be a real life friend. She is so down to earth, funny and has an amazing home that she shares pictures of her interior decorating. Not only is so fun to watch, but she is open about her own experience with mental illness. She’s passionate about promoting mental health and as a qualified psychotherapist who runs a practice out of her home. Oh and did I mention she’s a mum to two boys. She’s my hero, I barely have the time or energy to get dressed and there she is being a mental health advocate on top of being a mum.

What Are Blöm Cards?

The straightforward and simple answer is that Blom Cards are a set of cards that inspire mindfulness and self compassion.

The longer and not so simple answer is that Anna and her friend Vicky who is graphic designer took inspiration from the Scandinavian word Blomstre which means to bloom or to flourish and created 30 evidence based psychology cards to help people be mindful towards themselves, encourage emotional development and self compassion.

Each set of cards comes with a handy holder meaning that you can keep all 30 cards together in a safe place. Mine are in front of my monitor or my desk. Every card has a word or phrase that has evidence based you can take as much time as you need reflect on each statement and challenge the cards set out for you.

blom cards

What Is Blöm Cards Monday’s?

I plan to a series of posts highlighting the Blom Cards Set, every second Monday Im going to focus on one particular card from the set. Sharing the statement that card has, along with the evidence based challenge that is on the back of the card. I will talk about how the card makes me feel and how I approached the challenge placed by Anna and Vicky. The whole idea of this is to show to my readers and myself that these cards do work and are beneficial to help with mindfulness and self compassion.

I reached out to Anna to make sure that she was happy with me doing this series and sharing the cards that she has spend time creating. Thankfully she is open about me sharing the cards and my experience with them. I am so grateful for her for both creating the cards and allowing me to do this series.

If you are interested in finding out more about Blöm Cards and Anna check there social media links out and Anna’s blog below

Anna’s Instagram

Blöm Cards instagram

Blöm Cards Etsy Shop

Anna’s blog


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  1. Hi Nicola,

    Love these cards, thanks for sharing – I think mindfulness is so important and just writing a blog post about mindfulness for children, so if you have any tips for children then please do share with me and I’ll give you a link back.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Sadly I don’t have any tips for mindfulness in kids. You should check mamas scrapbook blog she might have some tips, she created the cards and is a lot more knowledgeable about the subject than me x

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