Biggest Fear – Blogtober 2018 – Day 21

Hello and welcome to day 21 of blogtober.  With Halloween being the season of scares and fear, todays prompt is to talk about my biggest fear.

As fears go I have some of the ordinary everyday kind. Not liking heights, spiders, public speaking and jellyfish. Yes I’m afraid of jellyfish! That however is not my biggest fear.

My biggest fear is of my symptoms of my illness becoming more severe. To the point where I may require help with everything aspect of my daily life and care.

Fibromyalgia is not considered a progressive or degenerative condition according to the consultant who diagnosed me. Over the course of my illness and the varying flares I’ve had in that time. I personally feel that my body is gradually becoming weaker.

Walking any amount of distance causes severe pain and fatigue.I’m afraid that the pain and fatigue will get so bad that I may become dependant on a wheelchair or other walking aids. Being in a wheelchair isn’t a bad thing but if I were to end up needing to use mobility aids I will become even more isolated and housebound.

Over to you. What is your biggest fear? Let me know in the comments.

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